Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The most anticipate least for me

I've been waiting for this since I read the first headline about both of them. Will and Kate's wedding. A royal wedding which is not something we can see everyday. So 3 pm, 29th of April, I'm gonna be in front of the TV watching the live broadcast of their wedding. Channel 107, 707, 712 and 735 have it all. Believe me,you don't want to miss it. It's not just a great wedding, but it's a history we're talking about. And of course I want to see if Kate's can beat Diana's wedding dress.

My mak's collection

I used to look at Will's baby pictures since I was little. Well not so baby la because he's obviously older than me. I read tabloid about British Monarchy since forever. Seriously forever. I'm not kidding here. I am very sure that the first magazine I've read in my life is about British Royal Family. If you question me back when I was 12 about Lady Di, William Eton admission, royal scandal, Diana as a charity patron...I will be able to answer it with flying colours. Even after she died, I continue reading about her (and Royal family).

Her all time favourite picture of Diana, her kindergarten years.

My mak is a big fan of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. A devoted one, I can say. She fall in love with her (yes like literally) when she watched the live broadcast of her wedding's day with Prince Charles at St.Paul in July 1981. My mak was 16. She then followed her hair style. Most of the time, you can see Diana with those gigantic hat (it's a must for a royal to wear hat), same coordination of colours from head to toe. During my mak's time it's fascinating to see that style. For her la...

When she died, I watched the funeral, it's kinda sad actually, even tho I'm not into her life but above all she's a great woman so I believe that it's a great lost. When Sir Elton John sang 'Candle in The Wind' in Westminister Abbey, it was a very sad moment. I was like in what age at that time, 9???

Can you see where that little coat came mak draw my dress for me.


sweetandspicy said...

Hi! nice blog! n followed :) sa pun dr spps ums jg. I bet u know Didianie and Veron! They're in the same batch as u are. :)

That is a very gorgeous jacket u have there :)

Have a nice day!

SimplySeoul said...

sweetandspicy : Oh U must be my great great senior. TQ sis. Emm saya yang 2nd year skrg?....Bukan senior ka tu?

HuHu tengs sebab bagi pujian dengan pink coat tu.

chocolatte said...

wehh cant believe im gonna miss the royal wedding :(

tengokkan for me pls :P

sweetandspicy said...

Oh.. I thought they're the same batch with u. Yeaps, they're in their final year now~

can't wait to see this "wedding of the year"! and its tomorrow! ;p

SuFy said...

terus teringat Prince Diana..sigh*

SimplySeoul said...

chocolatte: Ok nanti aku cerita detail2. Hehe..

sweetandspicy: thot so... Yup yup *claps*..xsabar mau tgk tu wedding gown.

SuFy: A great woman rite?