Sunday, April 03, 2011

Pose Tutorial: Cute Photos 'PEACE'

The tips are fully my idea.

Ok I have decided on doing a tutorial on my blog. Don't worry it has nothing to do with TESL subjects. My tutorial will be Take Cute Photos with PEACE sign.

Ok aku akui aku jenis yang suka pose2 cute ni. Objektif utama kenapa aku buat begitu sebab sembunyikan umur. Kadang-kadang mau jugak bajet pose ala-ala model, tapi kalau badan aku pun jauh bezanya dari model, baik dilupakanlah niat murni tu. Kalau pose-pose seksi ala-ala Red Carpet Academy award lagilah haru. Salah sikit angle muka and badan ni, nampak macam cacat ja.

First thing first, in order for you to have a cute pose, you need to SMILE. Yes that is the fundamental thing here. SMILE is the most important thing, it shows that you are relax, you are comfortable and it gives bright mood. So please SMILE.

I will introduce one pose at a time. The first pose is PEACE SIGN. Anybody who knows me definitely know that I love to make those peace sign when taking picture. I learn all those poses from KPOP actually. So for my tutorial I'll be using KPOP Idol. Please try it and let me know the result k.

Nicole from KARA

1. Close to eye PEACE sign
Use only one hand and for this pose you need to put your PEACE hand very close to your eyes. It's very suitable for selca and close up picture. Make sure your eye is between the PEACE sign, so that people who see your picture will draw their attention to your beautiful eyes.

Jia from Miss A

2. Double PEACE sign
For double PEACE sign, you can either do it close to your eyes or just around your shoulder level. You can tilt your head a little bit so that you can lie more about your age haha.

Park Bom from 2NE1

But please remember not to do this backward PEACE, because in some countries/cultures it gave the same meaning as F word. Don't make innocent faces, you know what I'm talking about.

So don't forget to try it.

Images source: Google Images


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blogtilldrop: PEACE....^^

nowriz said...

sy suka amik gamba dengan peace.. bajet kiut.. hihi

SimplySeoul said...

nowriz: Peace+Smile will automatically makes U cute^^

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peace minat kpop eh? same same kita


minat nicole n goo hara ! <3

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wow.peace comel.haha

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punya pelbagai jenis peace...2ne1 plg cumil!

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sy kalau bergambar pun buat peace.. mcm xde gaya lain je..mcm dah jd trademark pulak..hehe..