Friday, April 29, 2011

Witnessed the historic wedding.

My own history of witnessing the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

(Sorry for the not-so-dslr-type-of-pictures)

Masa sebelum wedding ni start, dapatlah tengok jemputan-jemputan yang datang. Bila tengok Sultan Malaysia masuk Westminister Abbey terus macam excited pulak. Haha..Eh ada Sultan kita la mak..... (of course la ada...kita kan negara Komanwel)

Here's the bride but I guess people more eager towards the dress rather than seeing Kate.

Diana win...that's my first thought. But she is stunning, beautiful, very princess like.

Close up to Kate's outer part lace of the dress.

The ring...

My own infos and trivias:
Diana always look down. Even when she's walking. When she got married in St.Paul she barely looks around. But Kate's eyes wander a lot during the wedding ceremony.

Harry looks hot tho. Now he's the most eligible bachelor. Lately after watching banyak sangat documentaries about Royal, I kinda fall in love to his red blusher like cheeks hahaha...

Now continue to watch the Royal wedding...waiting for the balcony moment....a kiss I guess.

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