Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pose Tutorial: Cross Your Leg

The tips are fully my idea.

Emm hampir terlupa tutorial blog sendiri. Anyway Let's get started. I used to teach you on how to take cute photos right? Now let's learn another pose which is CROSSING YOUR LEG. By doing this pose you can be sexy, cute and tall a little bit at the same time. Believe me it works. So let's lie about our real height for a little while.

Yuri SNSD, Close cross. Skinny pants.

UEE from After School. 'X' sign legs and minimal hand pose. Mini skirt.

Stand and Cross.
Cross you leg while standing. You can close the space fully between your feet and calf or you can make an 'X' sign leg like what UEE did. But I prefer not to make an 'X' sign. Why? It's better if you cross it closely, so that it will give a skinny and tall impression to your leg. Tipu ketinggian la kan. To add a little of colours to your pose, why don't you add a little bit of angle to your hips or head. Make sure your hands pose is not awkward. You can put your hands on your hips or cross your arms. DON'T make big movement/pose with your hands, otherwise the whole image will look bigger or wider.

Hana Tajima, oh yeah she can pull out this awkward pose.

Stand and Pointy Cross.
First of all you don't have to meliang-liuk like Hana Tajima dekat atas tu. If not it will be an absurd image to see. lol. How to do this pose? Cross your leg and make one of your feet pointy like. You don't have to do this pose while facing your body completely to the camera. You can do this while facing the other side. Lagi satu, if you just take a random photo with your friends no need to do those awkward hands, arms here and there k. Nanti chaotic aku tengok photo kau. Just point your leg and smile.

Yoo Inna from Heroes, Secret Garden etc.

Sit and Cross.
If you are wearing a mini skirt, please cross your leg k. You don't know when people start to enjoy your 'inner' beauty. Same goes to taking picture. There's no way to take a good and cute picture while sitting without crossing your leg. If you really know your body angle well, it will be another collection of sexy photo.

Let's say you don't have a good skins, you heve those visible scars ka, selulit ka, urat-urat ka don't worry. Photoshop always gonna be there for you bebeh. Photo sometimes a lie. Mine too. So don't worry. Happy trying.

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credit images: Google Images


Leysa JL said...

yaa, i always do this one, make me look tall..hahaha

SimplySeoul said...

Leysa JL: See kan, hehe. i hope it works 4 everyone.

faY said...

it's really helping. thnx dear

SimplySeoul said...

faY: Glad it helps U ^^

~Dilazul~ said...

this one too.interesting!nt boleh try :)

SimplySeoul said...

Dilazul: Tengs. Hehe please try...hope it works Cik Dila..

Nani said...

pose si hana tajima tu nda brp siok...