Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm upset...

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I forgot Nichkhun's Birthday and I'm pretty upset...
How can a devoted fan like me forgot his birthday. I even watch their comeback in Music Bank this evening and still don't recall anyone's birthday. Shame on me after being his fan for almost 4 years. Anne neo babo ya. Jjinja selpeun iya.

The first time I saw Nichkhun was on Star Golden Bell, whining about his singing part in 10 out of 10. My first thought, 'he's another Taemin maybe'. I wasn't a big fan of 2PM at that time. Well simply because people appeared sitting in Star Golden Bell, so he looks short. But he's talllll.

Nichkhun is my fave member in 2PM and ALWAYS BE!!! Even tho Chansung and Junho becoming more and more handsome. Even tho Taec packs are irresistible. Even tho Junsu voice melts me. Even tho Woo baby developing more Ang Ang. Even tho Jay caught my attention. Nichkhun always be my BIAS.

I wish you reply my fantalk T_T

You're ardy 23 years old (24 years in Korea). Soon, I'm going to be the same age with you too. I'm proud to be 88's babies....cos you are one of them. Let's grow old together.

Good Luck in your career Nichkhun. We might never meet...but that ain't stop me from wishing I could someday.

I'm one of the million netizens that support, fight, and love you. (ehem supporters of Khunyoung OTP tooo).

You scared me!!!

Now better...

The ups and down of 2PM,
From 7 to 6, we always gonna be Hottest!!!!
2PM & Hottest Yongwonhi.

Happy 23rd/24th Birthday
Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul

p/s: Call me crazy, don't really care...won't kill me....


hElfiS said...

datang baca entri..^__^
kacak la dia ne...heheh

Farah Faridah said...

wow fanatik...masih muda rupanya dia.

SimplySeoul said...

hElfiS: Hehe...Tkasih.

Farah Faridah: Emm 23 muda? Then I'm young too haha.

Hasnita Hassan said...

uihhh suka sangat dkt dorg eh,peminat K-POP ni :P

SimplySeoul said...

Hasnita Hassan: Macam tlampau minat sdh hahaa. I'm a KPOP lover for real. Hehe.

Hasnita Hassan said...

bahaya ni hahaha.hari tu dorg ada turun m'sia,kau g tgk tak ?

SimplySeoul said...

Hasnita Hassan: Emm 2PM xpnah dtg Msia lagi, hopefully dorg visit Msia soon.
But lots of KPOP came to Msia ardy kan like B2ST, Super Junior, etc.

Hasnita Hassan said...

yup,haaa aku tau dorg dtg je,kau kne nyanyi ng dorg,fanatic dh kau ni muahaha :P naik atas stage,sebut nama aku 3kali,nanti tak gemuruh *berangan !haha

SimplySeoul said...

Hasnita Hassan: Hahaha, kalau la aku dapat naik tu stage haha...Mimpi xkan tcapai la.
Tapi kalau 2PM dtg Msia, aku sebut jg nama kau, tapi bawah stage hehehe.

♥ cik puan h0nggi ♥ said...

no wonder..
u're nickhun biass.
btw thanks dropping there.
my blog :)