Friday, July 08, 2011

My Facebook Wall

It's been a couple months I privated my wall in Facebook. I want to make it clear that I don't blocked specific people but I privated it to EVERYONE. I repeat EVERYONE. Don't get me wrong okay. If only I privated it to one person, why don't I just delete that person from my friends list. Kan lagi senang.

Some of my friends have been asking, What happened to my wall?, Did I blocked them? No, don't worry, it happened to everyone. No one can see my Wall except me.

I decided not to post anything in my Facebook. Let me rephrase that, I decided not to have a life in Facebook, hahaha. I don't have status, photos, shared link, blog posts, almost nothing.

I comment on my friends status once in a while, you know campus stuff, kpop and basically that's it.

The only thing I've been constantly doing is changing my Profile Picture. I don't even used my real profile pic anymore (ya I know, I used to condemned people for doing that), but at least I use real name.

I feel insecure? Not really, at times maybe. But not really. People can still contact me through facebook. Well you can drop a message to me.

Facebook has new feature. Video call. Have you tried it? I haven't. Before that let me say goodbye to Yahoo Messenger and Skype, hahaha.


Isabel said...

ada ka video call sudah?? (this is from someone yg ada fb tapi jrg guna/sngaja nda mau guna)huhu..

SimplySeoul said...

Isabel: Ya kak. Kena download plug in first then boleh guna tu video call hehe.