Friday, July 01, 2011

Pose Tutorial: Beach

Ideas are purely mine.

Taking pictures at the beach definitely a must. Let the wind blow your hair, sand between your toes and sun set behind you.

Clothes? Anything loose. I mean not yang sexy, seksa. Wear something easy for you to walk or to move your body around. Avoid wearing denim because the tightness will be a restriction. It's hard to walk around, let alone jump. So cocktail dress, hot pants, any loose pants, tank top and simple clothes will do. Bring sunny/glass along.

Go barefoot...yayy. Bukanlah berkaki ayam dari rumah, di pasir ja.

Hair? Let it move freely. No bun or ponytail.

Don't forget sun block.

Time? Choose the best time, sunset will be perfect. If you want a clear sky then go early in the morning. Not evening, you'll burn your face.

Who? Don't go alone, you look pathetic and you might ended up with a set of emo pictures. Bring friends along and take group photos. Fun, Fun, Fun. Lagipun ndak la awkward sangat kan kalau lompat-lompat di beach with friends, if alone, you look a little bit hilang akal.

Try this pose.

1. Kicking the waves.
Ni memang pose cliche yang memang orang suka ambik. Wajib. I suggest play with the water, run along the beach, walk then look back to pose, touch the water, laugh, selca, etc.

Can be provocative if done wrongly.

2. Lie on the sands.
Ok, ni jarang orang buat. Maybe sentiment orang di negara kita, kalau baring-baring di pasir ni artis ja buat, then kena pakai sexy lagi, provocative but actually No!!! Ndak semestinya pose macam ni kena pakai sexy. Fully clothes pun owkay. Angle? If you don't have anyone around, then take selca (front). But I suggest you take a side profile (from side), simply because when you take picture while lying down, your face tend to look flat. Lying down means your face/body blending with the ground (or whatever surface you have), so it's hard to have any obvious angle. So take pictures from your side. It will be much better. Lagipun ni tips untuk yang insecure dengan hidung yang ndak berapa nak mancung-mancung. But bear in mind that lying on the sand will makes your clothes and hair covered with sand, so bring extra clothes. This kind of pose will makes you look sexy. Very sexy.

3. Jump
Show playful side of you. But careful, slight mistake will makes your face looks like you're having a cramp instead of fun. Don't jump too high like you're aiming the sky, a short jump will do. Avoid looking directly to camera.

Prepare your pre-wedding pictures.

4. Couple
I highly recommend couples out there to take photos at the beach. Beach pictures are the perfect collection for your pre-wedding photos. It won't go wrong. Experiment different poses with your partner. Beach gives you romantic feeling. Kalau mau mintak angkat-angkat dengan partner korang macam dalam drama korea tu boleh juga. Tapi pastikanlah berat badan korang bersesuaian. Ndak mau lah ada yang patah pinggang.

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Credit: Google Images


nowriz said...

kalau p picnic suka bawa topi besar2 & sunglasses.. mesti jadi perhatian.. hahaha :p

SimplySeoul said...

nowriz: Ahh ya, topi besar, lupa pl. Good idea sis.

hElfiS said...

nice post..
thnks 4 u comment in my blog..
i really like it..^__^

SimplySeoul said...

hElfiS: Tengs. Glad u like it.