Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A Letter to Doraemon

Dear doreamon,

my very dear childhood friend in Japan. How have you been? Any new device? Did Nobita treat you good? If he didn't, feel free to come to me, I'll make sure to treat you a lot of Friskies and Whiskas (since we don't have Dorayaki here). I can't last sleep night because my black and white cat keep making noises and jumping here and there (plus pawing) on my body all night long. Do you do that kind of thing to Nobita? Cause, I'm sure Nobita will suffers more than me, well you're kinda .....heavy kan. Doraemon, I have a bad news to tell you. My cousin fifi already move on to Angry Birds. Yup, I think she is slowly forgetting you. I don't know what so special about a bunch of birds that look angry. You are wayyyy cuter than them. Even tho back then, I didn't really worshipped you that much but I always love cat-based cartoon. If you don't believe me, ask Hello Kitty and Garfield. I need to get back to my assignments and interview preparation, wish me the best buddy. Send my regards to everyone back there. Till then goodbye. 


p/s:  I ended up writing this instead of that. Not dare enough to write it.


Kancil 8349 said...

lain benar kamu punya blog nie...macam kancil ndak faham...salah2 tekan lagi...hehehe...ndak mengapa mesti ada perubahan kan...baguslah kalau macam nie

Ah Len said...

lawak jugak baca surat ni. :D

Azeanthy Paiman said...

cumil nya cartoon ni..anyway,i was fonder of this cartoon once upon time ago...i missed watching this again.
anyway, miss you dear..lama x jalan2 sni..busy mmnjg..sory ya..=)

noraini radzi said...

interview apa ning? all the best k dear :)