Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hobbycon 2011: Taking Pictures with Cosplayer.

Wake up early in the morning and don't even care about my assignment and quiz is an awesome feeeling I guess. I texted my cousin and asked her to company me for a few hours of jalan-jalan. Christmas is definitely in the air. At some point, I ended up at this cute event. Ya, cute laa.
She is singing and talking in Japanese.

Event: Hobbycon 2011.
Venue: Suria Sabah.
Why I'm here: Probably took the wrong escalator.

The girl yang tengah tu memang serius gila. Bleach right?

I don't even know why I'm making this post anyway. It's not like I have enough vocabulary to talk about anime. But my cousin yes!. At least I have my anime guide. She pointed at some cosplayer and mentioned the anime. I will nod and acting like I understand the whole thing whereas I trully don't. I did read a few manga and watch some anime. I know Nana, Hajime Kindaichi, Gensomaden Saiyuki and I do listen to anime song frequently. Sometimes I ended up at channel 715 too. Manga and anime are not that alien to me.

There are people with a gun walking around. Then you'll see some girls with pink hair and purple eyes. There are very approachable. Some of them are into the character that they don't really smile and talk. But it doesn't mean that they are avoiding people. No. They are just acting out their anime character. This event had been going around for quite a few years. Hopefully more and more people will be joining it next year. Then should I start reading manga? or watch anime?
Sakura? Demmit, I'm running out of pose here.
Here goes the peace pose again.


FarahMohdRadzi said...

posing kak anne cam copy paste jak ni..hihihi

sankai said...

it is kukichi rukia from bleach. rambutnya sama suda..cuma muka tu nampak different. haha.

Leysa JL said...

waa siok! xda nami or robin from anime one piece ka?? hehe