Thursday, December 01, 2011

Kudos SNSD for winning MAMA 2011

warning: post contains a lot of kpop language. I'll walk you out if you don't feel like reading it.

The first time I watched SNSD is in 2007. I was enjoying Music Bank, waiting for my Tell Me and Lie songs and maybe some numbers from Baek Ji Young and Yangpa. Then this new 9 girls debut their first stage with a catchy song called Girls Generation. That song originally sung by Lee Seung Chul. At that time I don't even know it is a cover and do take note that I don't have internet at home.

Best Female Group and Artist of The Year.

And then another Music Bank, week by week I was more fond of them. Like very much. But you know, I have a cynical thoughts that nahhh they won't make it big la. I mean 'fanatics' are rules by female, regardless singers, movies ka. So of course not much will like SNSD kan. 

But I'm totally wrong. Like caps lock WRONG. Goodness they are a disease, that won't leave you alone. Those girls are diseases in my head (at least mine). My first bias is Tiffany Hwang. That short hair during debut is smoking hot. I chopped my hair and no longer think that woman=long hair. The way she speaks English became my dictionary. Thanks to her, she ruins my English.... 'wanna', 'kinda', 'gonna', 'you know right', 'oh gosh'.... Aigoo.

Then I came to a point where I love all of them. Even the irritating Sunny. I think it is during the promotion of Oh! that I secretly vowed myself to always love them. Ya, ya,ya I know....what a no-life person I am. 

Tiffany at the press conference of MAMA 2011.

I respect myself as a kpop fan. Why? I don't bash others fandom and I don't hate. So stop putting hurtful comments. Believe me it won't do any good to your fandom either. 

To those newbie kpop fan, I dare you to speak kpop language with me, I'll make you stutter in your first sentence. Haha.

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p/s; MAMA 2011 was held in Singapore. My kpop idols are so close yet so far. Sigh...


Fay Baloche said...

Sia pun suka Tiffany..Her English is soooooo cool ni..Walaupun sia perempuan, tp bila dia snyum, eye smile dia tu bikin cair sia juga o Anne..hehe

FarahMohdRadzi said...

i voted for 2NE1 for artist of the best. sori la kak annie,sy nda minat SNSD. hehehe. betul2, so close but yet so far