Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A recap of what happened in this semester

1. First thing first, it was the busiest sem I think.

BTPTN trip. Hahaha. Try to do a love shape but fail.
2. Lawatan ke BTPTN Sabah (21 October 2011)

Personally BTPTN Sabah was a fun trip. It was a wearing-baju-kurung and listening-to-boring-taklimat trip. But then again it was a memorable one. We had a lot of fun during the lunch hour break. We are a bunch of "camho" plus there's a lot of cameras at that time. Shima with her DSLR, Ain and Mawar with their Lumix and I'm with my Nikon. So we have 4 batteries and 4 memory cards which are freaking banyak you know.

Bandung souvenirs from Ain. TQ
3. Ain pegi Bandung

If I have a regret then it would be not joining Ain to Bandung. I was in the original plan of it, but I pass. She had lotza fun and I envied her. Hehe, maybe next time.

4. Lots of impromptu eating outside

Seriously ada ja free time mesti pegi makan di luar. The usual place we crash is none other than 1B la. Of course the price we have to pay is literally the price of the food which bring me to a conclusion of spending a lot. The things I love about having some eating quality time with besties are the dessert I enjoyed so much which is some talking or juicy gossips.

5. Microteaching

This is like the king of our assignment. I was super glad when it's over, tho I still have like 4 other assignments to go. Finishing microteaching means a lot. I was doing poem teaching in 40 minutes and I did bring outsiders as my students. They are my cousin, Eyen and her friends . Not forgetting my other TESL friends who helped me. Thank You everyone.

6. Karambunai

Oh I love this. Love this so much. I've been wanting to go to Karambunai with my besties and I personally love the sea, water bubbles and sand (but not the sun). I was worried the day before because the weather in KK was not that good. It keeps raining and raining. Plus I didn't able to get a car, until last minute. Alhamdulillah, finally we manage to do it. The pictures are beautiful, I'll share to you later in a stand alone post.

7. What-the-punya-incident

And let's wrap up the sem by entering Men's room. Gila punya incident. Ain enter first and I followed, I opened the dor and looked at her beside the sinki. Suddenly my eyes caught the men's toilet, the one yg place outside tu. Demm. I ran to the next door which is the Women's room and laughed hysterically with Ain. EPIC LOL. This will stay in my head forever, like amazingly forever. Embarassing but hahaha.


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

bebudak tesl mmg hot.kat mane2 universiti,ipgm pun mcm tu

Pocket said...

u had a chance to go to bandung n u passed!?
oh pocket kalu, kecik tapak tangan riba ku tadahkan.hehe.

Leysa JL said...

time study jugala paling best..always got lot of fun.. bila suda kerja, kurang fun already, far from friend n commitment wif family pun makin besar..