Thursday, December 15, 2011

A so Ombak Rindu review.

How I should I start the review?

The idea of watching Ombak Rindu never cross my mind, at least that is what I thought. But two weeks before, as I was sitting comfortably in Kak Lelen's car, on our way to Tuaran, Debbie ask me a question. The question that I never expected.

Have you watch Ombak Rindu?

Try to copy Lisa Surihani pose, but epic fail.

Like a flash, my head turn to the back seat and gave her my exaggerated surprise look. Debbie! Did you just suggested me a Malay movie? You see, I have this impression towards TESL students. Some of them are way too TESL to watch Malay movie. But don't get me wrong I'm not saying that it's a bad thing. It's more like saying some people have a certain preferences that are visibly clear. Macam kes aku ni, KPOP ja 24 jam, aku baru tau kewujudan lagu Bruno Mars It Will Rain tu...haha. Lambat, I know. So cut the blah blah short, I did watch the movie.

First thing first, I never read the novel, so I might had little expectation towards the movie. The movie is quite good actually. Worth my money and time. You see, the first hour I was very absorbed with the storyline which is surprising. Why? Because it's typical. Perempuan malang la, very kampung girl met with bandar guy, the so very typical mother in law and again the typical antagonist diva character. The lines are very 'novelish' and you can predict it easily.

Here's the good part. The movie did touch the place that I assume 'deep down my heart', where it's hard to please. Hahaha. Should I say it's because of the dem fufufu gorgeous Aaron Aziz? Heaven forgive me for falling in love with someone's husband during that 2 and a half hour. My favourite scene is when Hariz met Izzah at Mak Jah house when they are having kenduri naik haji.

The next hour, I can't help but getting bored. Checking the time on my phone, admiring my new handbag, look here and there. Counting the minutes to get out of the cinema. After whining about two paragraph about it, I don't mind watching the movie again. Ya, seriously. It's good (confused statement). Here's the thing la, it's good but it's not perfect.


leya said...

so conclusion the movie was juz good as other typical malay love story but not to perfect at all la ye? did u cried? hehe

La Tansa Optometrist said...
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Leysa JL said...

berjaya copy cara smile lisa..hampir sama ne..hehe