Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holiday soon

I finished my exam and I'm so up and hype for the holidays. Time flies so fast. I feel like it's only yesterday I whine about the assignments, the endless project, the messy jakmas activities. Now I'm free.

Rules? eh eh suddenly no ribut taupan whatsoever tiba-tiba tukar tajuk. Do you have your own rules?. Like you will not tolerate with woman approaching man first or any little choice in your life such as lipstick over lipgloss.

Here's the thing, I always feel like disciplining myself, especially now, approaching the age 24. I curse by typing but I try my hardest not to let the words escapes my mouth. I try my hardest not to ask money from my parents. Call it being independent or having pride. The rules that you won't break simply because you are being you.

Break Your Own Rules.....Dare you.

No one force you to do that in life. Sometimes the rules itself are pointless. But you cannot help but feeling proud doing it. Where on earth these rules came from? My parents? Could be. A Book? No. Experience? No. Oh maybe hormones? Well, maybe.

I break one important rule in my life and I ended up regretting it. No I break it twice actually. Did I learn my lesson? You could say so. But that will not stop me from doing it again. Because life is too exciting for me to live it plainly.

Will be heading home soon. I'm going to miss my friends a lot. Safe journey everyone. Laave ya'll.


Aki said...

Yo girl, well, if you live by no rules, there aren't any to break kan?? ha ha ha.. that's me.. Bah, brabis la cuti2 ah.. ^_^.v..

Kancil 8349 said...

selamat bercuti...semoga cuti kamu menarik nanti...hehehe...balik Tawau ke?

nGiau said...

i do it sometimes and after i did it i felt guilty..but that's life right? and sometimes my friends call me SKEMA because i'm scared of breaking the rules..huhu

Nani said...

bagus baitu bgtu, maksudnya kau makin matang dalam menentukan cara kau berfikir dan bertindak. gud ! gud! hehe

Pocket said...

first u have to make a rule,
in order to break it :D

so what is the rule?
no dating relatives friend.
Did that!
No dating friends relatives..
did that!!
no dating friends mother...
ohh.. i got to look for a younger friends :D

akoo pae said...

haaha its normal-break rules that u make by urself rite?

smoge slamat sampai rumah =)
enjoy the holiday.hee

faiq said...

bwk angpaw ke mak bapak..hehe

♥♥ arabella ♥♥ said...

hye miss seoul...enjoy holiday ya!