Monday, February 20, 2012

A different dream to be set.

I'm not feeling well today. No, I'm not sick or homesick. I just don't have the mood yet. To make it worst, you know how in class we always sit with our clicks. Since most of my clicks EXTEND cuti seminggu so I'm kinda alone. Not really alone la, there's other people. 

I miss my friends. Balik bah kamu cepat, sa rindu sdh ni :( 

So tadi pegi pejabat konon mau ambik slip result. Tapi ntah kenapa pejabat sunyi ja. Terpaksa ambik lain hari lah. Sebelum pulang, saya nampak benda di bawah ni. Oooh, I'm happy and terus ambik. hehe. Cetakan sebelum ni nda sempat ambik. Ni Buletin lama, tapi maybe kena print balik. Anyway give me 10 minutes of self-center moment.

selagi kena cetak, selagi tu aku post di blog.  muka innocent masa tak kenal shawl lagi. hehe.

Ok let's be honest, I feel a bit down because of this particular thing. I always have this routine in the begining of every semester. I jot down my subjects and set my aims. Yes, I'm not in high school and I still did that. I'm a classic person you know. Not that my age is classic but you know naturally I'm a classic OK ENOUGH! that's not what I intended to say.

Back to the story, so I was like counting how many bones should I break, how many bucket of sweats it need and how many movies should I sacrifice in order for me to achieved my aim. Let's be honest here, I want a first class degree. First class is between 3.70 to 4.00. But in my condition now, even if I successfully score straight 4.00 in the next three semester, it is impossible to get a first class.

Suddenly writing this makes my heart sunk and I feel like some dust must be caught in my eyes.

I tried very hard to increase my pointer for the past few semesters. Very. Very. And Allah granted the rewards for every person that did their best in life. Allah granted mine. Praised to our creator. But maybe the dream of having a first class degree is just not meant to be mine. But doesn't mean that I'm going to stop working hard. No. I'm going to maintain my hard work and try to increase it as many as possible.

I'm going to dream higher and try even harder. This time around maybe the dream is a bit different.

I always love the looks that my mak and pak gave me when I tell them good news. I love when my mak congratulate me and hug me. I love when my pak smiles and said "alhamdulillah". That's keep me going. To some people my result might not be woww enough, but it is enough for my parents. Making them proud is a challenge. A challenge I always want to take and win.

p/s: masa mula semester lepas pun aku ada buat post macam ni, bila baca balik aku senyum. I write for real. My feelings here are real.

lagi satu p/s: lepas baca blog Ain ingat mau buat flying kiss and tiup tahniah to all of my sayangs (friends). Bukan alang-alang cara aku ucap tahniah tu haha. Kudos Teslian!!!


Pocket said...

amboi ambooiii!!
kalau buletin cenggini,
diorang amik aweks aweks yg lawa lawa
or 'manis-nya-senyuman-mu' jer jadi penghias kan..
ohh siapa lah yang jadi penghias kat situ?
eh kamu?
(Another sick way of saying.. u are beautiful sis ^^)

its a struggle to achieve good grades during study,
i know cause i've went tru those wonderful yet
tormenting years of my life before. Painful till
i got fear in my bone whenever i saw Dy/Dx or the symbol
lambda written somewhere as a decoration... but if god
give me the chance to do it again...
i would say yes in a blink of an eye.

since u'r saying u cant get 3.7 and above even if
u'r getting 4.0 straight another 3 semester...
that is OK.. u've worked hard enough. get the max
of result and pray to god u'll get good job after.
(but if u'r aiming to pursue further to become
a medical doctor, then the 3.7 is a must lah kan)

'This time around maybe the dream is a bit different.'
that is right! arm yourself with the skill needed...
english speaking good presenter on the stage is a plus.
the ability to convince people is even better.
work yourself in that area. Who knows.. another three years
u'll end up sitting in an office with a door instead
of a cubicle like mine:D

Aki said...

comel juga ko ni Kak.. he he he..
and pandai..
macam2 la.. he he he he..

Err, pasal belajar, sa nda tau mo komen cmana.. sa nda belajar tingggi2 ni.. :D..

noraini radzi said...

i'm so proud of u syg :) work harder. bila kita usaha lebih gigih,mgkn xkn dpt apa yg kita mau. Tp Allah bg benda yg jauh lebih baik InsyaAllah.Don't forget to have fun :)) looking forward to hug U again :P

chocolatte said...

congrats to you too babe! :)lets try our best okay! :)

Mizz ErMa said...

Insyallah, usaha itu tangga kejayaan..=)

safiah sokher said...

Congrats ^^ Happy Blogging :)

Firdaus Stark said...

wau, bestnya...
kalau kita berusaha pasti kita akan berjaya...^^

Mama Sheng™ said...

Wish you all the success on the future dear.. :)

Unknown// said...


mommieZee said...

Kudos....ya, dream higher, we try hardest...

Leysa JL said...

bila baca entry ini trus teringat tym zaman skolah..trus teringin plak men'study'kan diri lg..tym study dulu pon slalu set goal cam ne tp kdg2 pandai tersasar juga..hehe..tapi apapon all the best ya can do it. chaiyo! (^___^)