Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It is never too late.

"Forgive my Grammar errors."

One of my lecturer said that Grammar is for 'Glamour'. It sounds alike and yes I often applauded those who mastered it well. I have to agree that the glamour of English lies in your Grammar. Especially for TESL students. 

I found that British accent sounds pleasant and Yahoo article whose journalist arranged the sentences along with some 'canggih' vocabulary is impressive. But, yes there's a big but here, I think that no matter how excellent the vocabulary or sentence structures, it will never top the perfect Grammar.

"A slight mistake in Grammar  might makes people take me differently. The differences involved some stocks of laughing (at me, right to my face)."

My friend Ain said that Grammar is actually 'ikut sedap' and I have to really really agree with her. I pick up the Grammar rules here and there and soon it's not about learning anymore, I often find myself using the Grammar rules that I used to hear or read. And I keep doing this 'play safe' thing with Grammar. I hope it's never too late to improve myself. Friends please help me.

I bought Murphy's book with my last RM50 voucher. RM 60.45. I highly recommend the book. Not much explanations but still good. I have the photocopy version but I want to own the original one. Gosh, this is not a caption more like a paragraph -_-. I shall get back to the real paragraph. 

Another project this semester. The previous semester we have to  choose a school and renovate the library. Then, for this semester we will have our microteaching project in Malubang, Pitas. A very very remote area. We need to conduct lessons that involve games. No I'm not really preparing the games, I'm preparing my mental here.

One more thing, a week from now my JAKMAS will held a Family Day for our Kolej Kediaman in Lagoon Park, Karambunai. Will be quite busy later. Till then, hugs and kisses. 

p/s: Cleopatra educated with 7 languages.


Nani said...

Urm.... Apa yg aku paham dgn entry ni.. Ya psl kau mau improve grammar? Ya kah? Hahaha.. Betullah tu kan? :p

Pocket said...

improving grammar?
ohh... i dont think i'm good in grammar,
yeah i know that the past tense and present tense a bit here and there,
but when it comes to the usage of 'S' in words.. i'm a bit blur!!

'i go to work by bus, '
'he goes to work by bus, '
was it? eh? acaner tuu
daaaah penin dah

Leysa JL said...

gud luck dear 4 the microteaching project :)

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

grammar.. toooo hard to perfect...

safiah sokher said...

I also think that grammar is ikut sedap sometimes and I used what I often hear or read also.Ahaha.No matter how many times I learn form the grammar,still making the same mistake sometimes

yad'z said...

yeap... kadang2 bila nak improve our grammar, people always make joke.. suka pandang rendah.. hurmmpppp

anahiettah afibs said...

yg saya ni..mmg main hentam jak ber bhs inggeris.. dont shy to try bilang cikgu. hehe..
kbykn blogger sabahan terer bbhs inggeris....wa..bangga juga :)

Mizz ErMa said...

hm, kata orang, practice makes perfect and english needs practise..