Friday, March 02, 2012

Love and Sick, no not Love Sick

Korean people believes that it takes 300 years to forget your first love. 300 years? is that even possible. Well do not forget that Korean also believes the after life. So, even if you are born again you still can't forget your first love. 

(Thanks to my cousin eyen for the info)

The intro has nothing to do with what I want to say next. Does it? I'm having a slight fever right now. I felt a little bit of pressure and panick attacked for the past few days. You could blame the assignments that were given all in one go and few things that need my attention. Even when I gave the attention people assumed I'm bossy. Pffft. Ok I shouldn't talk more on that. I might ended up spilling some ugly words here.

My mum called and I didn't tell her that I was sick. I keep quiet but I think she can sense something different from my voice. I just said a lot of 'umm' and 'yaa'. Hopefully she thinks that I'm only stressing out. I don't want the ceramah free on how important for you to drink lots of water. No mak, I just don't want you to worry about me. I'm going to be fine. Imma tough girl people!

Tadi masa pegi lunch dengan one of my coursemate, I said yang I want to go to pulau after siap assignment penilaian fasa 1. Snorkelling, baring atas tikar sambil tengok langit, buang masa dengan sepenuh jiwa raga, and maybe some water sports. amacamm? Mari. Tapi of course kena habiskan dulu assignment and kesihatan yg mengizinkan.


Leysa JL said...

get well soon dear..
oya, mau pg pulau tu sy mw join..hoho

nGiau said...

get well soon babe :) may Go bless you ;)

akoo pae said...

waah nak ikot g snorkeling! (wpun akoo tak pandai)haha

syafakillah =)