Friday, April 20, 2012


I still keep in touch with lots of my childhood friends. Eventhough we are not constantly talking but I do noted what's happening in their life. Well, I regularly hit the 'like' button in facebook. It's my own way to tell them that I'm listening or I care. Some of them are still studying, some are working and some are busy with kids. 

I studied in SRK Holy Trinity from 1995 to 2000. I met a lot of friends and created priceless memories there. My childhood is something that I always treasure. Everytime I recalled those childish things I've done, surely a grin or a smile appears on my face. 

I did some crazy things during primary school. Roller blading in classroom is so not cool you know. I painted my nails at the back of my classroom while my teacher is teaching. I got into a fight with some girls which is stupid. Now I feel so sorry for acting like that. Playing this spirit2 thing under the table. Well that's the darkest place we can get. Acting like we're lost in our jungle padang. We even bring compass. Goodness.

There are some sweets moments where I used to have butterflies while waiting for my puppy love. He's married now and has a daughter. God bless him and his family. Talking to my girlfriends for hours. Spending time with my teachers. Studying really hard for exam (well this one is kinda stressful not really sweet). Racing with the boys to see who will finish writing first. Now that I remembered, I always sit with bunch of boys in class. 

Karaoke for 3 hours is a good way to reconnect with your friends haha.

Childhood friends have special connection in me. No matter how long we didn't talk or have been apart but once met, the conversation will never fall into awkwardness. I could talk with my childhood friends for hours with not even a 5 minute pause. The only pauses we have is when my mouth is stuffed with food.

The jungle padang, our classroom, the bengkel, music class, the weird plastic tables in our class, the old canteen, the kolam ikan in front of teacher's room.....friends do you still remember that? 


steffany daph said...

i still remember my chidhood. and i remember it.. 4ever in my mind. ehe, non stop talking in the class and love moneky. maluu XD

Kancil 8349 said...

kenakalan yang melampau...hahaha...tapi tulah kenangan..boleh dikongsi dengan bakal anak2 kamu

Kancil 8349 said...

salam hari isnin...semoga ceria selalu

Cik Kay Jue said...

bestnyer awak still contact dengan kawan2 masa kecil.. ckj da hampir mau lost... sebab masa tu tak de fb lagi.. sekarang ni baru jumpa balik dorang di fb. itu pun rasa agak janggal mau tegur dan berbual.. huhu..

hahaha.. memang klakar bila kita kenangan balik apa yang kita da buat masa kecil2 dulu.. kadang2 malu pun ada.. huhu.

ckj setuju! dengan kawan2 lama kita boleh lepak lebh daripada 5 minit. kadang2 sampai 12 jam! tak ingat pun hari da gelap.. haha..

Hana Soffelia said...

Sweet sgt2kan mengimbau kenangan zaman kanak2. Memori yang tak boleh ditukar ganti.

Mizz ErMa said...

switnye..tetiba teringat kenangan2 taem sekolah dlu..rindu kat kawan2..T.T

Aki said...

now that I remember, I always with girls in school back then.. ha ha ha.. :D