Thursday, April 05, 2012

Malubang, Pitas Outreach: The Journey

We were at the red dot. Malubang, Pitas.

The crucial part of our outreach is honestly reaching the place, Malubang, Pitas. The 6 hours ride definitely far from a smooth one. The bus moved from UMS around 10 am. The first 3 hours we were heading to Kota Belud through asphalt road but it's not a fancy one. A lot of the roads are on construction and some are damaged because of the landslides. 

Ni baru intro, hehe.

From Kota Belud we moved to Kota Marudu and later to Pitas district. The journey so far is quite comfortable. Around 1pm we started to enter the gravel road. And that's when the roller-coaster ride begin. Some of the gravel roads are quite bad. Some roads layered with small rocks and some are just merely a one way road with bumpy ground. 

Kesian bus.

But the story didn't end here. Bila kami sampai, people there suddenly bising-bising. One of the Headmaster (we are doing this outreach program with group of headmasters) keep pointing di tayar bas tu. Later when we got off from the bus. There we saw what really happened. Pakcik bus actually drive tu bas dekat setengah jam dengan tayar yang pancit. Masa kena bagitau yang tayar bas pancit, pakcik bas siap boleh sound balik "iya, saya paksa seja tu jalan". Wooww.. hehe.

The story didn't end here, the best part of the journey will be updated soon. 


Gunaqz said...

uih, tidak bertanggungjawab betul oo pak cik driver tu. Sampai hati dia membahayakan nyawa kamurang satu bas. Btw, enjoy the rest of your Malubang trip!

Leysa JL said...

secara kesimpulannya pembangunan & dana untuk membaiki jalan harus dititih beratkan d kawasan ini. dan juga kawasan lain yang mempunyai keadaan yang serupa..hehe