Friday, April 06, 2012

Malubang, Pitas Outreach: Meeting The Students

Tarikh: 2 April hingga 5 April 2012 (Isnin-Khamis)
Tempat: Malubang, Pitas
SPPS (Program Khas Pensiswazahan Guru Besar(PKPGB) dan Undergrade Students), 
Sekolah Sains Sosial (SSS), 
Sekolah Perhutanan Tropika Antarabangsa (SPTA).

Sebenarnya, tujuan asal kami (Program TESL) ikut outreach ni sebab mau siapkan assignment. Yes kami ada assignment untuk melaksanakan "English Module using Games". Cerita perjalanan hari pertama sudah aku buat di post sebelum ni. Pecah tayar, singgah beli kacang, mabuk, jalan gravel semua. So yang post kali ni ingat mau share pengalaman bila kami laksanakan English Module tersebut.

Meeting them for the first time.

I continue my post in English. It was an amazing experience, full with values that I should remember and definitely a nice getaway. The first night of the meeting with the students, it was held in a hall. Since there's no electricity, the hall is basically quite dark. We were only equipped with few bulbs. Even tho it is dark, the students look so happy. I can feel their spirit and enthusiasm. The facilitators did some ice-breaking, teach them some claps, tepuk 34, tepuk diam, tepuk sayang etc. Suddenly I'm one of the facilitator, my team is Durian. 

One of our session with Group Limau.

The next day we start with our English Module. Some of the students have good proficiency of English. Some of them are good but too shy that they've became so passive. We try to boost up their energy, cheer them up, ease their feelings by doing some warm up with songs. They sing along with us with loud voices, especially the boys la. Bab nyanyi-nyanyi memang suka. After that we continue with our lesson plan. Some modifications were made to meet the situation and their needs.

Jen on the left, and Grace, right. Two of my fellow group mate.

The third day, we continued with our English Module. Later that evening, we have Majlis Penutupan. The facilitators perform a mashup of Gemilang, Standing in The Eyes of The World and Gemuruh. Some of the students were crying, awww. They hug us. It was so sad. Such a short meeting yet it brings such a big impact in our lives, well at least to my life, for sure. Emo sikit la petang tu. Hehe. I will post another exciting part of our outreach. I will leave you with a picture of me and Nancy.

Life needs to be full of experiences, to make you stronger and a better person. Life needs to be loved so that at the end of the day, whatever happens, you'll never carry on with regret.

To be continue......


Leysa JL said...

bestnya jadi cikgu! all the best anne :)

steffany daph said...

malubang tu kat mana yer? tak pnah dngr rasa-rasanya.