Sunday, April 01, 2012

Not so optimistic in life.

I've been missing in action and I'm so sorry about it. Forgive me blog, by now, you must know that I can't keep up with updating you constantly. But I always treasure you dearly.

I don't know what diseased affected my brain now or what disorder sickness my heart is feeling into. I'm a confident person. YES! I can do this, I'm capable of this or I can pull this off on my own.

But lately, I'm not so optimistic about life. I have lots to complain and whine about. I even woke up thinking that I should skip class. I'm a noble person when it comes to attend class. Selagi boleh merangkak, I will attend my class. Tho my soul and attention practically went to somewhere in Korea and my hands were busy writing and passing letter to my best friend BUT my body will always be in class. Haha. Now, even thinking of going to class annoyed me so much. Be grateful Anne, Be grateful.

I'm not optimistic about having fun in the beach because I'm afraid that I will get sunburn. So I just stay under the tree and miss out all the fun that I could get. Sunburn really freaks me out you know. 

I'm not optimistic about my love life. I'm accepting the fact that I can go on with life without being married and adopt some child from third world country. Angelina Jolie much?

I'm not optimistic about going to be a teacher later. I feel like I should take a double degree in Art, Business and later after I graduate I will alternate my job from teacher to dancer at night or jual burger. 

And now, I'm not so optimisstic about going to Malubang. I'm going to Malubang, Pitas tomorrow. It's quite a remote area. But reachable by bus. For 4 straight days. There are no electric supply but they do have generator. I'm eager to meet the students. But I know myself when it comes to staying in a remote place. So I have this mix feelings, nervous and curious I guess. Well I'm sure excited is somewhere there in my heart, maybe further, ya it should be there, or maybe the excited left a while ago. 

Anyway wish me luck with the program. My beloved sister Jen and Grace will be in the same team with me. If I'm not that tired I will post the trip story in blog on Friday.

Anne and Ain. Two people from different places met for reasons. Wow novelish much. Love U. 

Ok enough with the emo, moody lines up there. Here something for a friend that I treasure a lot. Dear Nurul Ain Abu Bakar, Happy Birthday Sayang. I know I should go out with you now and celebrate the day of your life. But here I am complaining in my blog. And straight to cutting manila cards after this. I promise that I will make it up to you after the Malubang trip. Promise. *pinky fingers*. I'm so so sorry sayang. Happy Birthday again. Should I mention your age here? Nahh, won't be a good idea hehe.

p/s: I still have interview session to attend tonight for my JAKMAS activity. 


chocolatte said...
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chocolatte said...

Thanks babe! You're freakin sweet!!! Love you back! See you in 4 days time..nqnti kta p tgk titanic yaa.haha

EzRa said...

Good luck sis :) God bless~

arlen said...

I'm normally sooo optimistic about my daily life but whine so much when I started to stressed out.Hehe.All the best sis..You can do it!^_^