Monday, May 14, 2012

Jay Park, I Love You

I've met Jay Park. Jay Park people. Maybe a not so hardcore Kpop don't really know him. But I've known him since 2PM days. The dorky, funny, talented 2PM member. I'm not going to start a history class of Kpop. You can google him if you want to know more about his career. But believe me, you're not Kpop enough if you don't know him. I think I fall in love with him harder than before.

The stage. 
Some recap of the showcase. Jay sang Nothing On You, Up and Down, Girlfriend and Know Your Name. They have this dance battle with Jay on stage. Lukcy fellas. 

Here's the highlight, the autograph session. I know how Kpop celebs handle fanmeeting. It's very strict and you don't really given much time. No requesting, touching, kissing whatsoever. It's basically you look, he look then done!. But I know that some fans maybe caught off guard with the situation. Some of those 14 years old girls thought that they could take some pictures or you know stand so close to him. I feel sorry because their little dreams got crushed in 5 seconds.

Moving on, we were lining up going to the stage. Jay was sitting on a table set up on the stage. The organisers were so Fcukin' strict. Calm down people, I'm not going to bite him. They were like pushing people around, ask the fans to move faster. But from far away I could see that Jay shake some of the fans hands. 

My autographed CD. Yayy.

Then it was our turn. He is flawless, his skin is so fair. Quoting Steph 'bikin malu ooh jadi perempuan when I see his skin, so fair'. The tattoos were so visible because of the contrast of his skin colour and the ink.

There were 3 girls in front of his table. Unknown girl, Me in the middle, and Steph on my right. For your information, we cannot give our CD directly to Jay. We have to give it to one of the guy beside Jay and that guy will give our CD to Jay for him to sign. Again! Calm down you people. I'm not going to bite him. or maybe I will :). Suddenly Jay was like talking to the organizer.

Jay: Her CD is missing (I swear to God, I SWEAR people, he point at me.  The moment he look up and look at me, I'm melt) 

Me: Panic state. Speechless (I was like panik la, bila pula CD aku hilang. Then I realised yang there are only 2 CD on the table but there are 3 of us right)

Steph: No its her. (Pointing at me and then to the CD on Jay's hands. Finally the girl beside me mengaku yang someone stole her CD)

Jay: Ahhhh, *nod*nod* (he is so cute, I died for second there)

Jay signed my CD, handed it to me, his hand....his hand......I took it, shook his hand and bowing few times saying I Love You, Jay. Haha..I'm sure I look like some crazy girl in front of him. I don't care. This might be my last time seeing him.

The videos that I recorded. Credit to my friends' blog for uploading it. TQ love u cuz. 

First Video: Up and Down. I love the song and I didn't expect him to perform this.

Second Video: Know Your Name. I love how KK people sing and chant together.

p/s: Forgive my shouting voice people. :)


Safiah Ibrahim said...

wah. peminat tegar ni. :)

Unknown// said...

i don't know anything bout him =_=

timtim said...

dont know him well. dont know hes part of 2PM.and now feel ashamed. guess im not kpop fan enough. :(

Kancil 8349 said...

seronoknya dia...apapun tahniah

Leysa JL said...

waaa..2 perasaan yang penting dan berharga..maybe if saya ada d cna kompom cramp mata sbb x berkelip2 n cramp mulut senyum2 sndr..hohoho..