Sunday, May 06, 2012

Jay Park in Kota Kinabalu

When I know that Jay Park is coming down to Kota Kinabalu, it was already 6 days passed the day they give away the showcase passes. I was like dead worried. Maybe I'm too late, no passes left and I missed out that chance. But I'm more than determine to find it.

Mak is definitely my best supporter in loving Kpop. She never scold me for listening, watching too many Kpop stuff. She is okay with my obsession towards Hallyu Stars. Anyway I called her and asked for her permission to go to the showcase. She said that 'I'll pray that there are still showcase tickets left'. Oouh mak, you are so sweet. You know me the best. And yes! the last two tickets from DiGi 1B belongs to me. Wohoo.

Then only I know about the Universal Music Studio package where there is AUTOGRAPH SESSION. Arghhh! kenapa baru sekarang pula tau. I called my mak and let her know. Well, again she granted it. Cuma at first, macam ragu-ragu juga mau pegi atau tidak. I mean emm yalah what will happened to my old ticket pula. Sayang, lagipun no friend to company me, so I was like never mind la I pass the autograph session. Pass la sangat, last-last beli juga. My other ticket belongs to my cousin.

A RM95 package, T-shirt (the size is super big), New Breed CD, Showcase pass and Autograph session pass.

But I should bear in mind that Korean celebs are very strict with their rules of fanmeeting. I read that no cameras allowed and it is within a very limited time. No hugging, no kissing nor kidnapping. Dengg, I was just planning to do that (yang mana satu kau plan tu?). So it is basically a format of 'meet and greet'. Thank goodness that I don't have to practice speaking my lousy Korean language because he was born and raised in America. So yeah, let's just speak English. Yoo whaddup Jay, thank u for comin to KeyKey tonight man, imma happy.. (enoughh anne =_=).

I should get my mind straight now and continue my assignments. Stop smiling please.


Anonymous said...

korean die hark fans ke sis??
luckily im not his fans too

Haruno Hana 하나 said...

bestnya boleh jumpa Jay Park.. haha :D tp Hana biasa2 je ngan JP.. suka TVXQ ngan JYJ lg :)

Unknown// said...

sya pun mau ikut haha

Kancil 8349 said...

wah...bestnya...ndak dapat datang ke sana...hehehe

kancil menjemput untuk menyertai GA

timtim said...

enjoy the show :)

teha said...

nk g jugak.. hahaha !

Leysa JL said... not really minat wif kpop but wish can meet wif them someday..

btw, happy doing assignment . hehe

Pondok Usang said...

wahh.. Jay Park! korean eh?

nurul-rasya said...

fuyoo! sumpah jeles