Friday, May 04, 2012

A secret admire

Do you have a secret admirer?

I'm sure everyone have, or maybe you are the one who admire somebody. Sometimes it's not really about liking, loving a person. It is just a small feeling of wanting to know a person. As a friend of course. Maybe you are someone nice to befriend with. Nothing more than that. So jangan perasan sangat kalau orang pay attention dengan kau. 

But some cases are just more than a pure feeling. Some want to try their luck or striving for love maybe. That one is up to you on how to handle it. I admire someone courage. But when courage turns into disturbance then you better know not to involve yourself more. You enjoy 'the chase' but careful when it get dangerous.

It's not a bill.

I received the napkin above a couple of weeks ago. I was eating with a friend of mine when a waiter send me a bill. I was like 'tadi hantar bill, then hantar lagi, berapa banyak mau bayar'. When I opened it, there, a message on a napkin asking for my phone number. This is the third time the same incident happened in the same fast food restaurant. So I think it's the same person. But I didn't give my phone number tho. I just wrote my name. Maybe the 4th time I will. Well who knows.

A friend who happened to wear the same colour with me,
 and who happened to pair up with me during Penilaian subject.
His name is Jude.

Another incident happened a while ago, in class when I received an anonymous message. Saying that he/she wants to be my friend. I replied with 'who is this?'. Boleh pula dia reply 'try to guess first'. How should I know la. I showed that text to my friend, a guy friend of mine. And my friend said 'he/she the one who texted, why ask people who he/she is'. I know right. Never mind la, maybe someone is playing a prank on me.

Anyway, if you admire someone, it's good to have the courage. You never know how universe works on you. Make the first move and life may lead you to a road you never know. 


Nur Fajar said...

tapi saya tak ada.hehe
sangat sweet bila fikir kalau ada orang wat camni kat saya :)

Indah Mulya said...

fuh..secret admire? havent got any experience with it but it's kinda nice if someone do dat for us..but in a proper way lah. if dat person started to stalk u and stuff, wont be dat 'sweet' anymore..right? :D

Unknown// said...

mcam trend dlu2 ni main antar2 surat ehehe

Lady Windsor said...

Salam hi, good when someone admire you..but better becareful because we never know..
Hmm im the one who admire somebody and he even didn't know that i spy him everyday...hehe..

Anonymous said...

saya pon ada jugak admire someone
tp kalau kita admire someone
kalau orang tu tahu,tapi dia tak nk kenal ngn kita..sedy gak

Inz Indah said...

waw! a secret admire..? it must b ohsem! someone always leaving flowers inside a locker or chocolates on a desk every day but u hav got a a message on a napkin ..rasa agak unik..aigoo,tetibe! :D

Leysa JL said...

hahaha..mesti best juga kan dpt mcm ne..kdg2 mau juga tau siapa orgnya..n kdg2 gatal juga 2 tangan mau bagi..siapa tau org 2 ble jadi kwn terbaik dlm hdup kita..klu dia melebih2 pandai2la handle..hehe

Pondok Usang said...

zaman skolah ade kot.. =)

Pocket said...

pocket pernah gak..
tp dua puloh tahun dulu lah kot..
tak hengaaattt!!! :)

its a fun game,
a dangerous one,
but yet a fun game :D
play it out!
but be careful okeh :)

dyla 상태 >.<'' said...

whohohoho secret admire.. :)

Cik Kay Jue said...

wah2.. ada peminat rahsia rupanya... haha.. kadang2 seronok juga ya ada peminat rahsia.. rasa macam diri kita ni popular.. haha.. kadang2 ndak best juga. tertanya2 siapa la dia orangnya.. hehe..

timtim said...

secret admire itu syok. better than being stalk

EzRa said...

...I never had secret admirer T_____T...hahaha...uiyooo,byk peminat o sis :)

Mizz ErMa said...

hehehe..msa muda2 dlu pon penah la skali dpt memo mcm tuan belog, skali lg pulak mamat tuh bg hpon die mintak sy tuliskan no phone..swit pulak bila igt2 balik kenangan lama..hehe

nurul-rasya said...

It must feel good to have an admirer


Kancil 8349 said...

sekali je Kancil pernah buat dekat orang lain...tu pun dengan budak kelantan...tapi jodoh tak ada..hehee

e-lyana said...

admire? erm, sometimes it make me scared, u know what, i ada dapat sejambak bunga ros pink di KFC at mid valley, n ia agak menyeramkan, hahaha sebab i xkenal sapa yg bagi... huhuh, tapi, lama2 kelakar jugak :D