Thursday, June 21, 2012

Home comfy Home

I'm done with my exam and here I am updating from my living room. Wihuuu!!!. (what is this? a new kind of yahoo I supposed). Anyway, it's a wrap up for my 6th semester. A lot of 'confusing' stuff happened. My teslian friends for sure will know what I'm talking about here. But we shall put the spotlight on happy memories. Definitely an exciting, memorable semester. 

We were at SMK Putatan doing our Penilaian project. One of the project that makes me worried so much. The original idea was to go to SMK Benoni. But we changed it last minute,  like the day before, to another school. On the day of the project I got lost on the road. I drove until Papar there. Blame my mouth for busily talking non stop. The potpet  session in car definitely distract my attention. Credit Ain for the picture.

I miss a lot of things here at home. The so 'comfy' pose I can make in the living room while watching my korean shows on TV, ya I'm not talking about cramping myself in front of my small netbook to watch drama, korean shows. I could watch it freely at tv now. Limpang-limpang depan tv smbil minum milo sejuk. Bliss.

Pose with my friends at Malubang Pitas. Beautiful sunset behind us. I went there as one of the requirement to complete my TESL Methodology III course. So ya it's kinda a paksa rela trip. But it was a great outreach.  Great great, that if I have a chance to do it again, I'll pass. haha. Ya it was that kind of great. I love the meeting with students and villagers there. The sunset is one that I never forget. Credit Grace for the picture

Then conversation loyar buruk dengan my dad. Seriously, my dad is a funny guy to a point he irritates you. Semalam after he pick me up at the airport we went for dinner at the restaurant. I'm too full after eating lunch at the airport. So dia pun order la makanan:

Bapa: Bagi ni isi ikan masak tepung.
Tukang ambik order: *tulis*tulis*
(5 minit kemudian) 
Tukang ambik order: bang sori, ikan jenis begini, ndak da ni malam.
Bapa: Bah tukarlah pigi nasi lalap ikan (insist nak ikan juga)
Tukang ambik order: Kejap saya tanya........oh ini ada
(Tunggu punya tunggu. Order dia ndak sampai sampai juga.)
Bapa: Mana juga order kita ni, baru menangkap ikan ka diorang ni.

And mak is non stop asking me to drink a lot of plain water. Kejap-kejap suruh minum air. Mak memang balik-balik suruh minum air putih. Siap letak mineral water depan laptop aku. Saja la mau saiko aku time online tu. Haha. Anyway it's good to be home. Happy holiday everyone :)

Have a great holiday. Enjoy it to the fullest.


nurdani said...

haha. dialog ayah fasal ikan tu memang kelakar.

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

hey dear..i'm looking to one of you photo. i'm recognize someone. she is my friend since we met at Matriculation Labuan..c Mayzilla primus..send my regards to her..yaa..btw,u've a nice and awesome day.

safiah sokher said...

A home is not home without mum :)Welcome home!

syairahmohdanuar said...

hahaha.mmg ayah awk tergelak dahh :DD

Anonymous said...

are you a Korean Muslimah? or a Muslimah living in Korea?

just asking :)


shedameor said...

wahh, balik rumah. seronok gituu :)

Kancil 8349 said...

wah...sempat lagi berposing maut di Pitas...hehehe

Leysa JL said...

home sweet home. ruma juga yang terbaik. even saya dpt blk ruma 1 mlm ja pon saya bersyukur suda. but too bad, im too far away from my home..