Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pose Tutorial: Green and Tress

Homaii, lamanya tak buat benda ni. Haha. Kalau yang pernah baca post dulu-dulu, aku selalu buat pose tutorial. Ok cut the intro short.

Ideas are purely mine. No experts saying nor citation involved.

Taking picture in a wood, jungle or anything that involves the green nature will give you the mysterious feeling. It makes you looks like a lonely girl or someone with a lost soul. Or maybe I think too much. Well anyway it's a nice setting, do experiment it people.

First thing first the preparation

I would prefer the colour that blend with the nature like beige, light yellow. Maybe you don't want your picture to be super striking. If you want to show you and the setting together then choose blended colours.

But if you want to have contrast with the setting. Then avoid using green, yellow, brown or any dark colours. Those colours doesn't really differentiate you with the setting. You should stand out. I suggest red or white. If you want to emphasize yourself in the picture then choose the striking colours.

Choose appropriate place. A park with big trees is also nice. Jangan pilih hutan belantara sangat ya. Sesat nanti siapa yg susah. No need sampai adventure sangat, meredah hutan, lawan rimau. 

Pura-pura concentrate.

1. Use some props
Why I suggest use props in a wood? Well ya you could use it at other place too. Tapi hutan makes you looks lonely. Hahaha. Drama much. I mean ya props tu penting so that you tak nampak macam melilau-lilau tanpa arah. Nanti instead of concept mysterious you ended up with concept 'I'm sesat, I need a map'. You can use balloon, old camera, mat, umbrella, books. I know reading a book in a jungle may looks ridiculous. But again, we are aiming for a mysterious look here. Umbrella would be the perfect one.

I don't know what kind of movements is this but ya..try it.

2. Make some movements
If you are wearing a dress then you can do some swinging with that dress. But make sure your dress is long enough ya. Especially for hijabers. Nanti swing, swing lain pula yang nampak. Run with your friends, flip your hair. Or you can throw some leaves, hug a tree, put a flower beside you ear...ok dah, dah, macam ke arah imej sakit mental pula.

Tag some friends along. Will be fun.

3. Lie on the grass
Make sure dulu tiada semut api atau kala jengking. Bahaya pula. Nanti lie down and terus nda bangun-bangun. Lie yourself down, close your eyes and relax your face. Don't try too hard to smile or to create a facial expression. Just relax.  This is the best if you do it with your friends. Take photos of your feet, your hair or make a star shape and take photo from above.

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p/s: i'm killing some times actually. haha.

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Pocket said...

u didnt mention first, what kinda forest suitable for such photo shoot. Hutan getah seems nice,
but hutan kelapa sawit is a whole different matter :D

hutan semak samun tanpa tujuan is nice, but make sure u wear PohChuKang's boots!! maner kita nak tahu apa yg dok mengelungsur kat bawah tu kan...

in the end... hutan lalang!!!!
tapi daun nyer gatal^^;

Unknown// said...

I like~ hee to mlangnya x phtogrpher sa haha

Anonymous said...

part yg make movement to cutee
baling2 daun ke
kalau yg pakai tdung pastu buat movemnt cmtu
nmpk sweet :D
romntikk je :D

Elysa Sofia said...

bila sampai part

'put a flower beside your ear,ok dah,dah mcm ke arah imej sakit mental pula'

tergelak kecil sikit. hehe sebenarnya kalau buat dgn kawan,lagi senang rasanya :)

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

whoaaa.what's an awesome tutorial!

i'll keep on reading u dear=)

EtySalbiah Abdurrasik said...

Hello dear..visiting u here..this was my first time..i'm glad to meet we a sabahan blogger..hehe..done follow u..i love ur tutorial..thats somewhat awesome..worthwhile in photography..thanks a lot..see u again..keep in touch..i'll put u in my favorite bloglist..=)

sabry oppa said...

nice entry!

nowriz mars said...

okok.. nice tips.. mo practice la ni tuk my wedding picture.. :p