Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A short visit

My footsteps were lighter,
but at times tiptoeing,
afraid I will disturb the silence.

It was not supposed to be a delightful feeling,
but I could not help,
as it was my only option,
to meet him.

The recite of my Yasin was disturbed,
with all the memories and thoughts flooding,
at the same time,
no worries just sadness.

The birds chirp loudly,
maybe performing their zikir,
along with our prayers.

I linger awhile,
my feet won't move,
so does my heart,
another parting moment again,
always feel like the first time.


Unknown// said...

:) tabah

mommieZee said...

be strong snne, will pray for you.

MizzTina said...

be strong!!

✿Lady Ainaa✿ said...

be strong... remember Allah can make u strong and dont give to life in this world... btw, sad to read this entry.. ='(

safiah sokher said...

beautiful one :) Stay strong