Monday, July 16, 2012

So shut up and be mine!

I don't know where should I put that exclamation mark (!), after shut up? or at the end of the sentence? well even writing the title felt so susah and leceh, let alone doing it. I mean doing it as if saying to someone "just shut up and be mine will ya". If you think life is as easy as asking someone to be yours, then sah-sah you belum cukup makan garam. I'm not saying I had enough of salt in my food, I'm still eating. But, maybe, I'm at a point that I realised life has its ugly side.

We demand a lot in life. We demand the best, the most beautiful. But at the same time i'm sure everyone will have to agree that nothing comes easy. You must do the running instead of walking, feel the sweats, sigh for the hundreth times. If you did gained something easily, must be you cheated to other people or to yourself. Not being skeptical. There are lucky people. Life is kinda easier for them. They didn't really do the hardwork but turn out their demand is fullfilled. If, let say, you are that kind of people, then please count your blessing. 

Back to the title, I wish life is as easy as saying that to someone. Even if you have the guts saying it, things might not work out pleasantly for you. Asking someone to shut up is one thing. Saying 'be mine' to someone is another thing. Haha. People often says a lot. But seldom do it. So less words and more actions. 

Kalaulah 'actions' still tak cukup, then maybe you should consider giving up? Please do not always take 'give up' as something that is so negative. Maybe you should know the story behind the 'give up' before you throw your opinions out. No one wants to give up. No one. As a human we need to consider 'give up' as a way to continue living. Sorry if you disagree with me. BUT! There's a capital BUT there. Remember, after give up is not a total full stop. Plan something, tawakal and try again. Insha Allah, you will find your way.

Park Jisung. With UMS bus as a background..

Sorry gambar takdak kena mengena. Local news have been reporting that QPR is in town. In Kota Kinabalu. Not an avid football fan, I was like yeah yeah. But seeing Park Jisung training, practicing and stuff in our sports complex. Waeee!!! Whyyyy? Dengg...Why la you datang time aku tiada di UMS. Suka Park Jisung sebab dia guest in Runningman tu hari. haha. dah bai semua.

credit: qpr site.


Nurulee said...

Agree. There's nothing to be with give up so just try to find the another way =D

Enrecca :) said...

Park ji sung serius cute time Running man kan? :D :D ehehe :D Love him hahah :D

MissThe3Dara said...


Well , even its simple + santai , i loved it! I know its not easy to say 'shut up' or 'be mine' to someone. But errr, give up sometimes good when its not good for u to go on with it. But sometimes , its not good as u have Allah. Pray & ask Him :)

Thanks sahabat for this piece :D

Selamat menyambut Ramadhan al Mubarak k :)

Unknown// said...

nice post dear :D sometimes I do give up to give the chances to someone else.. someone who worth it more than I do

Unknown// said...

nice post dear :D sometimes I do give up to give the chances to someone else.. someone who worth it more than I do

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Wish life is easy.. People said do not give up.. But sometime the greater the challenge, the greater potential we want to give up..

Aki said...

OK.. Life wasn't that easy.. Even for people you see without any problem, yes, they still have it.. BUt they pretend it like nothing.. :D.. that's the trick!! :p

Anne Nurain said...

dat's true..

p/s:comel jak park ji sung dlm running man kn?hehe..