Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Double meaning question

(careful not to scroll this page too fast to the comment part )

or could i say this is a psychology test?

I don't know, maybe some psychology major students could explain to me.

But these type of questions really draw my attention.

What i'm about to share is actually a compilation of psychology questions asked by the Japanese radio station to one of my favourite kpop idols.

So yeahh, it could be a little bit perverted. Haha.

picture is not related to the post. credit: weheartit.com

Keep in your mind that all of these questions have double meaning. But you don't have to think too much la, later you lose the fun pula.

Be careful, you might expose some of your thoughts or some personal sides of yourself.

You might want to open your Notepad, some require long answers, and let's start!

1. The animal you like and what you like about it?

2. There is a teddy bear. What color and pattern you want for the bear's clothes?

3. You are now in an art gallery. You see many pictures and sculptures as you walk around in the gallery. Then you see a sculpture that looks a lot like you. What are your thoughts?

4. What kind of car do you want?
(Don't give me the car's model, just characterise it)

5. Do you remember the first time you ride on an aeroplane? How do you feel during the take-off?
(Describe it if possible)

Click my comment box to find out the hidden meaning of the questions :)


SimplySeoul said...

1. The part of animal where you like shows where you want to be praised about yourself.

2. This is the type of underwear you want to wear.

3. This is what you think when you look at yourself in the mirror.

4. The kind of girl you want to have a relationship with.

5. The way you describe your feeling is how you feel about your first kiss.

nurdani said...


LelakiSemalam said...

mak ai...pening ni..

Vaizura Azmie said...

Unnie daebak! My answers were right on target.HAHA

Gee said...

So I'm gonna wear a jean's overall for my underwear?? Hehe.. Nice personality test btw!
Dropping by after your visit and supporting your page! :)

Germaine Tee

Mizz ErMa said...

no. 3 tu betul sangat2..yg laen no komen + x sangat! hahaha

Cik Asma BLuppy said...

hebakkk! no 3 tu sangat kena la. haha

Pocket said...

i really opened up a notepad and start writing, and when the answer came up from your own comment...
terasa macam 'ohh betapa benarnyaa!!'

1) Currently Fish!! because of their graceful movement.

2) Smart and dandy, with baju itam and a fedora hat :D

3) 'waaahh, bulatnyaa' heheheh

4) Selesa dan spacious, perlahan tak per... dabak sikit tak per,
tapi selesa :D

5) senyuumm memanjang :D pasal terasa macam masa first take off tu excitednya berlebih lebih, tak der rasa takut.. cuma seronok :D

now come to think of it.. ohh sis,
u just 'kopek' a part of me open and let everyone sees it :D

SimplySeoul said...

nurdani: haha

vaizura azmie: i wonder what's your answer. yeahh. hehe. thanks nini.

gee: funnay..haha. that will be awkward. thanks

Mizz ErMa: hehe. thanks for answering.

Cik Asma BLuppy: hehe. thanks for answering.

pocket: oops. anyway it's all cool. thanks for answering, i laugh reading at your answer :)

Anne Nurain said...

1. kucing sb comel
3. cantik.haha..

ni jawapn paling best.. hahaha..

yang no.2 malu plak mo gtau.

no.4 aku jwb mo kereta yang tingkapnya luas mata memandang.. mksud?? hehe..

no. 5 nda ingat sb 1st time nek flight msa kecik2 lagi. hehe..