Friday, August 17, 2012

Shoes painting

If there is one thing i'm totally terrible at, that would definitely be DRAWING.

I seriously can't draw. Most of of my family in my mak sides could draw.

I can even get stressed out because of geometry's drawing. Let alone to do an artistic piece.

Meet my oldest cousin. You see, our mums are twins. So? Well, my point is, at least maybe i could have a little bit of ability like her. But nope, not at all.

Lately she's been doing this drawing on a plain white shoes. And it's dayymm beautiful.

Let's see some of the products, shall we...

Sketching the doraemon. This one was made for her youngest sister, fifi. But the thing is, the size is wayy too big for an 8 years old kid. It's even too big for me =_=

The final product.

When she was in primary school, she had this sketch book. I still remember bringing her sketch book to school and show it off to my friends.

She could draw anime, manga, create a new character and all of those garfield, doraemon are just a piece of cake to her.

and she's good with photo editing too.

This one I took from her facebook. 

I'm definitely going to grab a plain white shoes and ask her to draw for me :)


LelakiSemalam said...

pandai yer....

Unknown// said...

woww.. she's really good at it XD

Diana Diane Teo said...

Oh dear! Your cousin is such talented and creative one.