Monday, September 10, 2012

Short holiday

the first day i spent in kk was full with body-sore experiences.

after a back and forth session of 'punggah barang' from cousin's house to mine, we headed to kampung e for more 'adventure'.

my cousin, eyen stays in 4th floor. seriously, bringing luggages, heavy and lots of it, to the highest floor makes you start cursing and sometimes laughing for no reason.

but i have to admit, the whole thing is less stressful and thanks to our comel bob hair cheryl who we tagged along here and there.

the next day, i can't help but to please my craving. i missed eating at this one chinese restaurant named fook yuen. i'm sure kk people are familiar with this place.

don't get me wrong, it's a chinese restaurant, but here, where i live, it is possible that the halal logo greet you in a non-muslim restaurant.

one malaysia?

a great short holiday with mak, cousins and friends.


chocolatte said...

huwaaa i miss fook yuen dumpling!T__T i wanna eat there too!

Unknown// said...

the first thing I noticed- that cute logo of your blog.. waaa.. campin oh kw bwt haha

safiah sokher said...

Never heard of fook yuen,izzit in KK only?Patut lah pun.Heeee

gigiAriEma said...

Macam teringin nak pergi. Pdhal jauh, dlu pnh pergi sekali jejalan sane. Huhu

teha said...

oh , i luv holiday.. hihihi

Cʜᴀɴᴇʟ.C said...

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