Sunday, September 16, 2012

When i shop...

Going around the mall for 2 hours, entered 20 shops, sometimes a shop twice because we can't decide which tank top is better. 

A clown gave the balloons to me and Ain when we were eating at Full House today. The left one belongs to her and that purple love candy is mine. 

1. Left my bag unzipped

Pulled out wallet, checked text messages, searched for tissues, picked up a call, texting again and in the end we are too lazy to zip our bag. Let it be lah. 

2. 12 colours of lipstick

Who needs a dozen of different lipstick colours. Who needs 3 different black pants that look basically the same when you wear it. Who needs a new novel when you have 2 unfinished-reading books at home.

3. 13 years old syndrome

I think I should move on from the Hello Kitty, polka dot printed stuff. I'm too old for a strawberry pail. Don't you think so? But I can't resist all of the cuteness. I'm very fond of comel things. I love anything with bright colours, cartoonize stuff and girly theme. 

4. For the sake of buying

Not everyday we can get a pump heels in Cotton On for 22.90 ringgit. So we should grab the chance while it still on sales. Enough anne, enough.

5. Bipolar maybe...

Bought a black shoes for Pengurusan Kokum subject for only 12.90 ringgit and still think it is pricey. But willingly bought an 89 ringgit heels with an overjoy feeling. Tengok maha kedekut sangat when it comes to school's stuff.

Perangai ohh perangai.

Etude House is on 50% sales storewide this weekend. Bliss :)


Gee said...

Nice balloons! The two of you look so young is it, that the clown give the flowers to you guys. ;p just jk..

We are the same when it come to books. I has tons of unread books at home, and yet, rajin betul masuk Harris/popular.. Eye-ing any new novels.. hehe ;p

tirahzairi said...

i like the way u manage ur blog...keep it up...

Aki said...

well, I guess everyone is maha kedekut when it comes to school's stuff.. ha ha ha.. :D.. tapi kalau untuk enjoy, tia kisah.. :p

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

huh.for shopping, i admit i always lost control of purchasing anything poked my eyes.

anyway, that chair looked so cute!=)

LoveBug said...

when it comes to something that we like, we easily spend our money eventhough it is pricey. hehe.

btw im not sabahan dear. macam sabahan ke?

Cʜᴀɴᴇʟ.C said...

Hello nice blog.follow me! ok! Will follow u back

steffany daph said...

hoho. when it come to school stuff, memang maha kedektu la. (: tpi kalo benda lain, over joy pula me. hekk,