Thursday, October 04, 2012

A little bit of everything


and today 04102012... 3 months and i dont know when i will stop counting.

reaching your 100 days, i want to go home and visit your grave. but mak advised not to do so. with bad weather, school stuff, i understand. maybe next time kan.

since mak still keep your phone, i always called that number instead of mak, tho i know very well that only mak is on the other line.

i'm definitely lying if i said everything is ok. sometimes i had a good laugh and sometimes i cried a river and choked on my own tears. i'll go where i'll go, it happened when it supposed to happen, i live where i can live. not that it's a bad thing. 

i'm grateful that mak, families are still here. i have my other half that always be there for me. trying very hard to cheer me up and insisting that the future is going to be excellent for me and us. thank you for not giving up.

funny i stop stomping feet on everything that meet my dislikeness. his job's demands make 5 texts messages sufficient enough for us. i understand and i feel like... how should i say this.... i just don't want to lose him and i dont want to waste our time together by throwing tantrum over his busyness.

Cheesy gila muka. Terima kasih cousin.

and today paling manang when there's no water supply in my hostel. memang choii la pagi-pagi angkat air dari tangki yang boleh tahan jauh. isi baldi penuh tapi bila dah angkat-angkat sampai rumah, air tinggal setengah. tumpah-tumpah di tengah jalan. Bencinya!!! Tapi Alhamdulillah dapat juga pegi kelas. Patut aku join ja si kawan dua org mandi di sekolah. Muehehe... 


Nelly The Strange said...

comel2 ^^

Everything's Everythings said...

Al-fatihah utk org yg sudah pergi menyahut seruan ilahi..
yup, syukur juga still ada air utk diambil xD

Suara Hati said...

alala ciannya kena angkat air
sabar k ..hee

al-fatihah..untuk dia yang dah pergi sebelum kita ..suddenly lepas baca entry ni teringat pula kat arwah abah ..

Rahman Kaharuddin said...

Be strong Anne. I know you are.

SimplySeoul said...

tengs nelly. amin amin. terima kasih atas doanya. kita senasib suara hati :). tengs raman.

Alaimett said...

Be strong dear.....Alfatihah....

Angkat air tinggal separuh ah...paling manang tu...hihi

cIk cUmIe said...

be strong and anggap ni semua dugaan untuk teruskan hidup.

Al-Fatihah buat your dad.