Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All about graduation

The convocation week almost comes to an end. Pesta tamu gadang ke-14 UMS definitely will be a memorable one filled with shameless overwhelming feeling. The day when I start counting how many days left in ums. Minutes later, I start thinking what tudung I should wear on my convocation day. Alahaii, research proposal pun belum siap, sudah merayau fikir konvo.

Azhar Awan Ali. HT17, Education with Social Science (major History)

Benda ni boleh ja letak di caption gambar atas. Tapi aku mau juga buat paragraph and cerita panjang lebar. I keep hearing his name from my friends for the past few days. Well to me he's just a senior that I saw here and there few times. Share the same school's subject once or twice and nothing more. But turn out he is indeed different that any other graduate.

See the yellow line on his robe. Yup, not everyone get that robe fella. He won Anugerah Naib Canselor, Anugerah Buku and never failed to get Dean list in every semester. That's how he get the yellow privillege. The privillege to stand out from thousand of people in Chancellor Hall. His motivation? Well according to my friend, he doesn't want to pay the ptptn. That's a good one. The motivation I have when it comes to to spend it =_=. 

Jen posing with his hat :)

Education students batch 09/10 must recognize this guy. If not, there gotta be something wrong happened to you. Either at that time you were busy escaping the orientation week or he's invisible. Remember during the minggu suai mesra week where he always volunteered to put us in line, help to gather and organize us. The image of him shouting in the library saying 'SPPS, sini barisss' still so fresh. Haha. Anyway, thanks tommy.

And last but never the least. Kudos to my other half on his graduation. Best wishes to you. Heart you.

Left: Mine. Daily Express, 22 October 2012

Congratulations graduates!

p/s: Another good news today. But I can't help to worry on certain things. Nevermind... that worries can wait. 


AtiQah said...

dah lama maw p tamu gadang, smpai skrg x terpegi lagi..huhuhu

Alaimett said...

Mesti dah lega bila dah graduated kan...

Pocket said...

tingin nya nak pakai topi tu jgak :D

LoveBug said...

wooo. salute that guy! convo, haihhh. too many memories.

p/s: hi dear! :)

safiah sokher said...

I like to attend a convo.But never really had the chance to attend. T_T I hope i'll be accepted in any Uni and graduate with 1st class.ahaks.Peace

Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah.. selesai konvo.. saya pon dah, 4 oct yg lepas.. tggu giliran awak pulak yeee.. hehe.. :)

teha said...

alahai.. syok nyee :)

steffany daph said...

woh, congrat for the graduate (: the feeling must be.. ahh, im sure u excited kan.

SimplySeoul said...

atiqah, bah tahun depan boleh pegi.. hehe.

alaimett, of course :)

pocket, me too. the urge felling of graduation.

love bug, salute him too.

safiah, i miss you. amin dear.

cik gee tahniah.

teha, yes it is.

steff, i yang tidak graduate pun exicted. apakan lg yg dah grad.