Saturday, October 13, 2012


Nights ago, I had a chance to meet some old friends. 'Friends' is not the original plan though. I made a date with Ani, my childhood friend. I missed her so much and I still feel guilty for not accepting her offer to go to her house last Raya. Patawarin mu ako.

Anyway, we had dinner, good conversation and later movie. The movie part was sort of an impromptu one. It was raining heavily and I didn't want her to drive alone in that weather. So we were loitering around and finally decided to watch Taken 2.

Turns out that night is even better when I happened to meet Kak Fiza.  How should I describe her... a friend, a senior, a person that has been around my family for years. As soon as we locked eyes, I was delighted. It's been a few years since the last time I saw her. And her belly, her swollen belly. She's pregnant! She looks great.

I told Kak fiza that my dad passed away few months ago. Surprised by that she had teary eyes. I was stuttering during the talk, using all the will I have to re-tell what happened on that goodbye night. But I couldn't help to laugh when she made such remark describing us as 'kita anak-anak istimewa kan...'. Thanks kak for the soothing words.

So for the next few weeks, I'm going to be (maybe) a little bit busy. Depends on how good I manage my time. I have a 45 pages of research proposal to write, a pre-graduation party to handle for my seniors and soon Titian Kasih 3.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to make it to the TAB Gathering. The date is amazingly clash with one of my activity. Ackk!!! I would really love to go. Meeting some Sabahan blogger outside the virtual page was in my to-do-list this year. 

I shall stop writing now and get back to my reading. Have a great weekend everybody.


Mimieyy said...

Its good to meet your chilhood friends again. I wish I can meet them but I have no idea where in the world they are right now. Btw, Al-Fatihah for your dad. Hope you doing okay. Cheer up! :D

Nurulee said...

It was a beautiful moment when we meet someone that we had not met for a long time. Especially our childhood member kan? =)

Elvy Nellysha said...

belajar lek lok ! hehe