Monday, October 22, 2012

Pre-Graduation Party

The convocation week or Tamu Gadang UMS has finally arrived. Yeayy. I always have a thing for Tamu Gadang. Seeing my seniors taking pictures with their robes, walking around the university with their family or clutching the flower bouquet are such a nice view to enjoy that it makes you wonder, how is it going to be like when it comes to your turn.

Jammed here and there.

Seeing happy faces is one thing and stuck in a heavy traffic jam is another thing. Seriously the traffic in ums during convocation week is not a joke. Pressing the accelerator and brake every 2 seconds buat insaf tau. Last-last sampai main roundabout, terus decide malas mau balik rumah. 

Ok back to the real story here...

20th of October 2012. Saturday. School of Education and Social Development, UMS.

Pre-Graduation Party was organized to celebrate our seniors that will be graduating soon. It's just a small makan-makan event. And for your information we are the pioneer team for this kind of event. So hopefully, biarlah event ni jadi tradisi, sampai turn kami silalah buat grand sikit pula.

Me the timbalan pengarah, Jen the setiausaha, Jarel the bendahari, Nik the ajk jemputan and Grace the pengarah. Awesome!

We started our saturday morning with the preparations. Not much to do actually. Bought some lucky draw gifts, set-up the place, technical and such. Tapi one thing I can say, bila buat program dengan team yang kita kenal, semua benda pun jadi fun. Spray banner pun jadi big deal, corak apa, tulisan apa.

The night comes and seriously there's a lot of food. We even have 2 different buffet tables from different company. Although not many of them showed up but it was still a memorable night. The lecturers were supportive too. Quite numbers of them attended our party. Some of my seniors cried during the karaoke session. Lagu sedih mungkin, tu yang emosi sikit.

With my TESL seniors. Apuuu, muka gua oily sangat.

Happy Graduating Seniors. Kudos!


Haruno Hana 하나 said...

bestnya :D Hana tahun dpn baru degree, tapi dh tak sabar nak grad :P rasa cam nk kerja cepat2.. ^^

Anne Nurain said...

wow jem ny UMS.. suda la rmai orang, kereta pun ramai jugak.. haha..