Monday, October 22, 2012

to the tip of Borneo

Our weekend trip, to the tip of Borneo, Simpang Mengayau in Kudat. My very first trip along with Grace, Jarel, Jen and Cythi. Grace planned the trip like a week before, to release our stress after pre-graduation party. We started our trip around 2pm and arrived there around 5pm. During the journey, I was pretentiously being positive about the weather, since KK was poured with heavy rains these few weeks. 

But honestly, at first i'm quite skeptical about going there. Most of the photo albums that people able to come up with, shows them grinning while hugging the globe. So yeah, looks like nothing much there. But I was wrong from A to Z. 

Semua orang santai guna denim and baby tee. Aku la the only one yang mengada-ngada guna maxi dress

Jen and me. 

After sightseeing the place myself. Wooww! It is beautiful. The place is great, that kind of great where you want to visit it again. Or that kind of great where you start thinking about wedding photoshoot and stuff. The sea is green and the layered rocks is something that you always see in the encyclopedia, so science feeling. Haha. Get it? Never mind, me and my thoughts. Sadly not much of a sunset view since it was still so cloudy at that time.

iihh reban ayam.
ai kenapa ada astro.
sarawakian: rumah panjang bah tu 
(no offense dears, a mere understanding only...)

Mau pisang ka? Mau asam? (double meaning statement always the funniest)

Singgah beli jagung? Singgah beli kerepek? bakul? (telebih rajin untuk singgah...)

kasihan sa punya perut banyak mkanan dikisar.. dari pisang,ada kacang, nasi briyani, pringles,milo... (cynthi the one who typed this, sangat authentic)

And last but not least, the typical pose of Simpang Mengayau. 

Good days will last forever, in heart, mind and friends conversation. So keep talking amors.

credit: Grace's collection


Alaimett said...

waahhh...nampak best!

Unknown// said...

sya yang dekat pun belum pernah sampai sna ow.. haha

Pocket said...

in a way u are a bit overdressed.
but since i have a soft spot for ladies in long skirt (Although yours was a dress)

then i'd say u look mighty fine :D

layered rock...
not all people are as observant as you sis :D but i know i'll enjoy that place just as much :D

zOeY zAu YaH said...

cantik jugak tempat dia kan :)

teha said...

syokk nyee !