Saturday, November 24, 2012

3 hours before his flight

Allow me to introduce you to my friend here and of course her photography work. She is Grace William, my coursemate. This is not my first time, I've done a photo taking session with her before, but nothing that I could share here, since those photos are for my personal collection only. This is quite impromptu i guess, since my other half was visiting me in KK for a short holiday and i was thinking instead of movies, dinner, why not i ask him to join me doing some shoot. He hesitated a lot and we even argued the few hours before. But we still proceed with the plan (more like my plan without asking him). And one more thing, in case you are wondering, why la i put the title like that, hehe.. well this was done 3 hours before his flight back to KL.

Anyhow less letters and bring on the photos!

Photo and editing by Grace William

Photo and editing by Grace William

Photo by Grace William. I'm too lazy to edit it.
Photo by Grace William. My personal favourite.

Thank you grace. I love it. I think some of the bloggers know me personally, especially the Sabahan bloggers. If you feel like doing some shooting work with her don't hesitate to let me know k.


Anne Nurain said...

wahh bestnya ngn wahati.. hehe..
cantik baju.. kihkihkih

Gee said...

Romantic! Good for you, you got a photographer friend.. So that you can get personal photoshoot for yourself.. hehe

The Miss Lavender, QieenaJimmy said...

wah.. cikgu saya da makin cantekk.. hehehehe..

Aki said...

oh wow.. untung ni dipromote.. :D.. hehehe.. nasib la sa ni nda pandai ambil gambar.. :p..

Cik Gee said...

wow.. pandai awak posing.. hee.. :)

Aemy Nadira said...

awwww so sweeeeeeet!! those look like pre-wedding photos. hehe. i wish u happiness, dear ;)

Aemy Nadira said... sweet!!! looks like a pre-wedding photography. or is it?? hehe.

ps: i love ur dress ;)

Jen Annie Allie said...

Sweet! Mau nangis sya tgk shoot2 kamu~ I mean the pics are alive~ Praying for the happiness of you both! Cumil Couple~~