Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Awesome Blogger Gathering 2012

Another delayed post. I need to get my rhythm in writing again. Now I would love to share some of my experience during the night of The Awesome Blogger Gathering 2012. Well I'm not an awesome writer but yeahh I ended up there.

Event: The Awesome Blogger Gathering 2012 (TAB GAthering 2012)
Date: 10.11.12
Venue: Party Play, Lintas.
Dress Code: A colour from head to toe
Time: 5.00 pm.... until penat.

Well this is the event that I've been wanting to attend. The first TAB Gathering was held in Tanjung Aru. I had to pass the event due to time inconvenience and the overflow of my worries. Duhh typical me. Socializing is one of my best skills but yeahh with a total of new and superior crowd, that's very intimidating. Most of us are Sabahan blogger.

Let's put that aside...because I seriously had a good time. The seniors were nice and everybody was talking like we were in a regular friends meeting. You know, not much of a blog story but more to like "so you mengajar di mana" that kind of conversation. The dress code is one colour from head to toe. So I choose pink. Well dalam almari banyak stock baju pink.

So far my point of views on blogging still pretty much the same. Firmly, I still think blogging is my version of poetry, my alter-ego and of course a reminder of my very ordinary life.

I thought having a blog will just create extra dust in my social network life. Another abandoned profile, silent user and such. But turn out, I treasure it the most. After talking to some of the bloggers, getting some different insights, especially a one to one from Aki, maybe blog could be more that just a compilation of my essay. We'll see about that.

Forgive my laziness.. i just put everything in a collage hehe

The exchange gifts session. I got a super duper cute arale cap from Arms. And my Hello Kitty mug was given to Dyana.

Thanks everyone. Arms, Aki, Tom, Aemy, Nowriz, Nathalie, Dyana, Beaty, Chegu, Diana, Shery, Wendy, Flo, Vanessa, Wency, Edith, Wan Lei, Elwyna.

Let me know if i miss out anyone..


lilies.john said...

Ada muka saya..seronoknya.. Ehehe

Dyana said...

I like how u put the pictures onto collage

safiah sokher said...

you look gorgeous kak ^^

Meitzeu said...

Good to know u joined TAB. :)

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beaty said...

i have not doing my post about this gathering.. he he

Aki said...

habislah ada gambar c Aki.. :D..

Vibrantkitty said...

I see me too ^_^V

Aemy Nadira said...

i miss this moment ^^