Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Allergic is not an excuse

This post was inspired during my annual dinner with HEP UMS at Karambunai Resort. As i was sitting, i saw a table reserved for vegetarian, makes me think that vegetarian is a choice yet they are treated like a vip. Please, believe me, no, i have nothing against the vegetarian. And another event is coming, which is TESL batch 09/10 gathering and it's going to be held at Kg. Nelayan Floating Seafood Market and Restaurant. Tulis nama penuh tuuu.

Selepas 2 3 hari fikir, 2 3 hari browse menu online, I really want to go. This could be everyone's last meeting, so i dont want to miss it because of my stoooopid allergic. I didn't ask to change the venue since i noticed everyone kinda so on for it. So i ended up shamelessly asked Kak Len (Kak len, bolehka saya datang tapi nda bayar...) Hahaha.. Thank You very much Kak Len. So yes!

I have allergic. My dad too. Seafood allergic except fish. Oh ikan kerapu too. I heard it is tasty.  As a Sabahan and Tawaurian where seafood is on the palm of your hand, finger click away, it is such a loss.  The aftermath of my dad's allergic was terrible. Well i don't know mine, because i never dare to eat those food. People said the more you eat, your allergic will get better. Well if what it takes is my face full of acne-look-like for a week, scratching my calf all day long, well no thanks. I appreciate your effort to 'cure' me but it wont work.

There are some incidents of allergic chaotic in our house. I remember my dad throw up right after he ate his chicken tom yam. I repeat chicken, but since its a seafood restaurant in the first place, so the oil and cooking uttensils were frequently used to cook the seafood. I wasn't there actually, but i remember mak calling him and pot pet pot pet from our living room. Funny and scary at the same time.

Gambar macam tiada kena mengena. Well i seldom took photos of food. so yeah.

Oh another one, once, dad brought me to his steamboat dinner with his SINGER staff. Then here comes the 'awkward' part. The eating time. There, people start to campak the prawn, crab, fishcake. At first, I was actually sitting at the table, but because i was too segan, i ended up sitting beside the kaki lima, while my dad busy talking with his colleagues from table to table. People keep asking him 'bang, kenapa nda makan'...he said 'sudah makan dengan anakku tadi'. We went back early and on the way to the parking lot, he said, he really really want to eat.

Tapi ada certain situation where I couldn't constrained myself from getting annoyed. Bila ada orang yang cuba la mau hulur ayam yg dah bercampur dengan kuah seafood tu sambil buat dialog 'ehh nda pa ni ayam'. Arghh get off me, i know it's ayam. But it doesnt make things less miserable later. Lagi satu kadang-kadang kalau dinner di hotel ni selalu ada jenis appetizer yang macam fishcake tu. Bila aku tengok menu '3 continent taste de fa fu bum bam'... woww nama kemain lagi. Grand sangat. Aku try sikit, macam ikan. Then tanya kawan sebelah, ikan ka ni? Dia macam malas la layan aku 'Rasanya ikan ni, ala makan ja'. Aku pun percaya and malam balik dari dinner tu, scratching non-stop. Friends, please i need your taste bud to help me.

Mak is another story, she's a good eater. But for the 24 years i have lived, she never cook seafood for her. Well sometimes my aunty did cook and they will eat it together. But for my mak to cook the dinner for me and dad, she will never cook seafood. Apa lauk me and dad, itulah juga lauk dia. There is one incident that I will never forget. I love ikan bilis, especially the tumis one. Yummeeh!. But there was one time when i ended up with rashes all over my body after eating it. Mak forbid me from eating ikan bilis since that. But I was too stubborn, so i keep doing it. Nothing happen pula. So mak come  up with one theory 'mungkin ikan bilis tu dijemur dengan sotong atau udang'....I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT. Haha. Sampai ke situ teori dia. Mak is the best, the one who always understand. I guess mak is an amazing type of human Allah created. Hatinya terlalu lembut.  

p/s: this is the reason why i never blog about food. hari ni blog ayam masak merah, esok blog ikan masak kicap, lusa blog chicken burger... haha. not much of choices..lame food review.

another p/s here: I really want to go to the SplashKK Arts Festival... but it will be on the 22nd, this saturday. not going to be in KK at that time.


Edith said...

I'm quite lucky cos I don't have any food allergy but I do understand ur situation. I'm currently avoiding seafood or any food yg gatal2 cos I'm still recovering from my wound operation early last mth. I went to a wedding in a hotel and I had to control my from taking the seafood appetizer which was really menyakitkan hati esp when looking at others enjoying them huhu...

Unknown// said...

wuu, I cant eat seafood too, not because i'm allergic but because of my religious haha *sorrybrokenenglish

Michelle Sung said...

Haha funny pun ada but i understand your situation.. I have food allergy too. Seafood mmg x makan but allergy with telur yang sedap dimakan digoreng begitu saja :( And now still recovering dari serangan rashes since last month. Kawan2 cakap, once kena and ada allergy ni, will always kena balik anytime..hmm sabar ja la :D

safiah sokher said...

I also have allergic for seafood even for ayam also.What am I supposed to eat?Sayur.erk?So when I was 10 I fight back my allergies.(Cause my dad told me to)Seminggu demam and gatal-gatal everywhere.I'm still young those day so I don't mind looking selekeh.Here I am now,bebas. :)

Aemy Nadira said...

honestly i feel sorry for people who have allergies on certain food, i mean, dorg dah terlepas some parts of nikmat dunia. hehe. syukur la sy xda allergies :)

SimplySeoul said...

Edith: Yes, such a loss edith. Telan liur looking at my friends enjoying those food.

Michelle: Really, telur? Same with one of my friend. Her nose will get red. Scary. True, that disease will stay forever, no matter how much u "trained" your immune system.

Safiah: OMG that's a lot. Haha. I should have done the same thing back when i was a kid. Now, i'm too cautious with what i eat, for the sake of my skin.

Aemy: kan aemy. those foods are tempting.