Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Celebration in Gaya Street 2012.

What a long time since my last post. Here's a thing, instag lately makes blogging way more simple, easier and faster. You just need a photo, caption and tadahh done! Well instag is not really my cup of tea. Because of the slow internet. I still prefer to write in my blog. With a lot of paragraphs, it makes the whole thing seems legit. But I was so busy with my research proposal, not that it's too much (it is) but sometimes i didn't sleep the whole night just to write a paragraph. You see, i'm quite a slow writer, even for one update, i spend 3 hours to make sure every of my words are in place. So yeahh, i avoid blogging for a while and focus on the research first. 

The main stage

Anyway, i'm here. Back to the title. Have you heard about the Christmas Celebration in KK city lately or what's better, you've been there! I'm not really fond of crowd especially where you have to walk while squeezing your body, being paranoid whether i still have my handbag with me, people stepping your feet, sweats all over your body that it makes no difference with having a shower. It's so crowded and i hate it when i keep walking, then i turned back, my friends were nowhere to be seen. But when it comes to festive season, i can endure it. If i have to pick the biggest celebration in KK, that would be Christmas. And here in KK, luckily people will not look at you twice just because you are wearing hijab and stopping by just to watch the street carol.

It's snowing in KK.. keke

The celebration was held for days, with great publicity from the media. Mak in Tawau even knew bout it. The closing ceremony was held on the 13th of December (thursday). We got to see the showcase with numbers of performances, gaya street was livelier than before, christmas tree with the artificial snow and sausage dog walking around in a santa's suit. I just need to mention this, Sabahan people are really gifted with musical talents. For real. Some of them even makes me think that even Hollywood singers can't top this one. I remember some of them like the Jate sisters (forgive me if i misspelled it). With guitars and harmony, wooww, what a performance.

bam bam bam...fireworks

Okay, the one that i enjoyed the most, definitely the fireworks. So so beautiful. It went on for about 20 minutes. I feel like a little child at that time. Giggling and suddenly bending my knees a little, afraid that the fireworks will get me. It was definitely a good experience. Well , Christmas is coming, very soon. Hopefully my friends have a great one this year.

Great day everyone, choww.


Unknown// said...

I wish i was there too.. >.< haha

Edith said...

Christmas reminds me my childhood :)
Fireworks are the best! hehe...

Anne Nurain said...

brpa taun suda aku d kk tp nda penah ada can lg p tgk sambutan krismas d gaya street ni.. hehehe..

Aemy Nadira said...

so beautiful!! wish i were there..huhu..

SimplySeoul said...

Unknown: Nvmind, let's wait for the next christmas.

Edith: Yes, definitely the fireworks. So so beautiful.

Anne: Samalah anne, aku pn apa kurangnya. First time ni.

Aemy: Nvmind, there's going to be next year.