Sunday, December 23, 2012

TESL Gathering 2012: fun fun

A few nights ago, 19th of December, was our TESL Gathering batch 09/10. Some itsy-bitsy explanation here just to let you know the original purpose of this gathering. We are in our 7th semester, unofficially the last semester of us spending time together, since we will be off next semester for teaching practice which of course happen in different schools and districts. Plus, all of us just love to go out, so yeah, a class gathering will be a great excuse. Haha.

  Not the last meeting but the air definitely fills with the farewell feelings.

I engrossed myself with light-hearted feelings that there's not going to be a lot of food choices for me in a seafood restaurant. But let it not be the bump or knock to an amazing night out with my TESLian peers. So after putting a great amount of BB cream, hoping that it would not melt as soon as i face the steamboat, finding some casual blouse, appropriate to an energetic eating style, i'm off to Kg. Nelayan Seafood Restaurant.

Here comes the highlight... food hunting time. Woww the fried rice looks yummy, but sadly, there the prawns ampai-ampai on top of the nasi. Move on to fried mee, kuis-kuis sikit, found udang kering, CANCEL. Next... Another fried mee, okay this one is clear. It is only mixed with chicken. So my first and last plate was only full with fried mee and chicken pau, which was delicious and satisfying enough.

Since I'm too lazy, i put everything in collage. Too much editing makes it quite blurry.

Ika there got my Hello Kitty gift. Hopefully you love the mouthless cat.

I try to find one word to describe me in class. Well, first thing first, me describing myself is not valid enough. But, if i could pick a word to really tell who i am, that would be "KPOP". I'm among the first genaration of KPOP international fans. Same goes to Shima and Sally. At first, I tried my hardest not to show my craziness towards this thing. But epicly fail, when I met both of them, whose so into DBSK, just like me. Little by little, I show my obsession to my coursemates, I spread the disease to Audee and Felix, to Jennifer, Mawar? (did i give you the disease?). Audee and Felix are the second generation KPOP lovers. And when the whole thing mixed up, YUP! together we begabung meletup!

The KPOP clicks.... thank you for sharing the craziness.

Lots Sorry.

I make friends, build memories, score amazingly, lost my father along the way, became a leader, reach out to my beloved Sabahan community, enjoy those silly little things, broke some laws of myself (or real law, like traffic light), cross my wishlist, be my trueself or not whenever i need too, screw up some midterms, being pouty over some stuff, add wrinkles to my face, and so many more that I could go on and on just to convey my feelings and experiences here. And not forgetting the next semester, which is the crucial semester among all.

p/s: I almost enter UMS in 2008 instead of 2009. And I almost did science course.


Aemy Nadira said...

you guys look awesome! all the best in your teaching practice ^^

Anonymous said...

You look a lot like Hanis Zalikha. Hehehe.

Gee said...

you are allergic to prawn?? You look awesome btw and it looks like an enjoyful night out with the friends indeed. :)

Azlan Strider said...

looks interesting..maybe ur guys gonna be apart after this what remains is me memories of the special night like this..hehehe :D


SimplySeoul said...

Aemy Nadira: Tengs aemy!.. Hopefully we are mentally and physically prepared for everything.

VAJ: My my, haniz zalikha gonna cry dear. haha. tengs anyway!

Gee: Seafood dear, except fish. Tengs Gee..

Azlan Strider: Yes, parting moment definitely getting nearer. Going to miss everyone.

Unknown// said...

yep, I agree with VAJ.. pewwiiit haha :D

Mizz ErMa said...

wah, so happening..like3~ hihi lagipon bukan selalu kan..=D

Jen Annie Allie said...

Awwww~~ banyak gambar ai jugakss.. Nice post.. And yeah I have been inected by Kpop flu i guess and now it's reaching the fever level. Gahhhhh~~ Kpop is wonderful indeed!

Mimieyy said...

Seems like you were having fun there! Aww Kpop fever is everywhere now.