Tuesday, January 29, 2013

stories in one post

Some random things that i would love to share.

Random 1

next semester, 8th semester, will be my last semester and i'm going to do my teaching practice. Yeayy!!. here's the thing, i started this blog when i was a guru sandaran in sm teknik tawau (sekarang dah upgrade ke kolej, kuliahhh sangat haha). so a lot of my old posts inspired by my teaching experience. bila baca balik rasa lucu. (yess, gua stalk blog sendiri =_=). mula-mula blog kan, ayat macam bersimpang-simpang sikit.

i'm nervous, very, but to be honest, i'm excited at the same time. tipu la, kalau nda excited, dulu pura-pura mengajar, students pun setakat coursemate yang berlakon ala-ala sinetron dalam kelas. sekarang, dapat mengajar in real class. it's been a long time since i enter a real class. last rasanya around end of July 2009. dulu, i have no pedagogy, psychology knowledge whatsoever. mengajar pun main hantam, syok sendiri. now, dengan izin Allah, berbekalkan ilmu bertapa di sekolah pendidikan ums selama 3 tahun setengah, doa ibu, harapan arwah bapa, insha Allah  akan cuba se'best' mungkin. 

and hopefully i could share some of my experiences here in blog. sekolah yang saya dapat.... *drum rolls*. Sekolah Menengah Agama Inanam (rebranding to SMKA Tun Ahmadshah). agak nervous bila dapat tau assigned in sekolah agama. mesti lain sikit cabarannya. haruslah aku lebih bersopan. mesti cepat sesuaikan diri dengan environment sekolah agama. ketawa kena control, nanti terover, mengucap panjang cikgu-cikgu dalam bilik guru tu. 

Random 2

When i have nothing to do, i watch kpop shows. when i have exam coming up, i watch kpop shows to boost up my study mood. pendek kata, my life revolves around the never ending phenomena of korean music. i'm so lucky that i got chances to know and meet some awesome friends that share the same guilty pleasure as mine.

So few weeks ago, bila bosan sebab gap exam jauh betul, i decided to meet my blogger friends who happened to love kpop too. arlen and her sister. No no.. drop the blogger... we are friends.  janji pukul 11am. aku buat entrance datang jam 12.40pm. i woke up late at that day and the combo of grumpy and groggy feelings were not helping too. sorry bebehs. 

Copy and paste dari insteg aku. senang. lagipun malas la bongkar2 folder cari gambar.

We are exchanging serious matter here. other people probably wouldn't understand. haha. seriously if not because of the flat battery, i would endlessly gave them whatever i have. thank you arlen. now i have some stocks to watch during my semester break.

Random 3

feel so in love. ignore this out of nowhere confession fellas.

Random 4

i'm so bold these days. i tried the turban hijab. emmmm it's not working for me and my mak didn't quite like it. she said it looks messy. dulu bukan main lagi ketawakan turban shila amzah, yuna tu semua. last-last try juga.

and i cut my waist-length hair short. like really short! i think this is the shortest hair style i ever had. my neck feels so naked. kadang-kadang terasa sheksi, sometimes i felt manly pula with this style. and lately this style brings out the narcissistic side of me. haha. but above all, it's comfortable. so i'm going to keep this short hair for a long time.

(jessica, tiffany, spica) before and after. from wavy/perm waist length hair to 3 inch short. dayumm i love it!

Random 5

i'm reaching 25 this year. some of you maybe 26, or 27. the clock probably rosak sebab masa cepat betul berlalu. some of my friends lost their mak or dad, some got married, some had babies. there's a  saying that the life of a man starts at 40 and a woman stops at 25. haha. nothing is going to stop. there's more to life than age.

Random 6

i changed my number. my 016-813-XXXX is gone for good. so let me know by any means if you would love to have my new number.

dah, happy holiday kepada yang holiday. happy working kepada yang kerja. as cliche as this sounds .. but Be Happy!

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This is really a packed post.I guess.Happy holiday too ^_^