Monday, January 14, 2013

Try this resolution ideas

Should I wish everyone Happy New Year now? because if i were to wish now it's like waving to a ship that already sailed 3 hours ago. well, hopefully this year will bring another great compilation of occasions and exciting life changing moment. 2012 was... exhausting for me. the year was like a relay run of myself from one phase to another. at times it was okay, but at certain period i thought i wouldn’t make it to the end.

Let's forget that and move on, shall we.

When it comes to year end, here we go with the same old so called tradition of setting a resolution. often we came up with promises, a plan, or some sort of yearly to do list. i did it too. ok, here's a thing, to put changing habits in your resolution will be boring and believe me most of the time, it's not going to work. and to be honest, most of my list failed miserably especially when it comes to my healthier lifestyle or saving money. here i am still with my underweight problem and continuing buying unnecessary items. who needs 12 colours of lipgloss.

Here's some ideas to colour up your resolution list.

1. Makeover list
I want a short hair, and i'm going to cut it like in those emo music video, like Perfect by Pink. Kidding people, i'm kidding.... and maybe you could upload it later on youtube. ok this is going nowhere. you go figure out yourself what kind of drastic fashion, style you're up to this year. magazine, fashion blog, trend setter will helps a lot. not your imagination. no nahh, dont even dare to follow your imagination when it comes to this matter. it's not going to work.

2. Surprises list
I, personally, not very fond of surprise. but lately, seems like it's kinda working for me. We have a lot of surprise birthday party this year. like a lot. with flour, hide and seek, and so many others great impromptu ideas. and believe me, surprises always fun. go for moderate mode people. not with fire, smoke or anyone possibly getting drown. it's the thoughts that matter and creativity won't hurt right?

3. "On-the-go" list
If you're the type of person that always stay home, eating snacks, cuddles with cat then it's time for a little change. try listing down things that can make you busy. i know, i know, 9 hours of working every 5 days is enough for defining always-on-the-go. but believe me, it's never too late to try something new, or in this case put a little sugar in your lifestyle. hit the gym every weekend, go for a coffee meeting with your old friends, sign up for some charity work once in a while, host a party (tupperware party also can bah). you don't need a bungee jumping to feel the adrenaline rush gerll (if you want, then it's okay). a little activity will make a lot of hip-happening difference.

4. and the most cliche of them all is none other that- Gadget list!
I know some of you are gadget freak. And all those gadget company are so excellent at manipulating our brain. change it to curvy design, make a limited edition pink colour for the ladies, change the screen size and it sells like hell. So list down some gadget that you want. and again darling, you don't need 4 smartphones in your handbag.


with love said...

Happy New Year and Good Luck with the list :)

safiah sokher said...

I like this resolution ideas.Cool.Have a great year ^^

ainulaqma said...

wow.. that is interesting resolutions! I dont have my own resolution more to business. Aiyakk got not time to think about it. :/

Mimieyy said...

These lists are awesome. I love the makeover one. And I kinda like "on-the-go" list. I just wish I can do it all. Wish me luck and I wish you luck too. Thanks for the long comments about university life. At least, I have a picture of how its going to be like. Thanks! :)

Unknown// said...

im going bald this year so i can have different hairstyles with wig without having to work on my hair.. hahaha nahh, i love my hair :D

oh n thanks for the comment, it really encourage me to keep doing what i love :) im still working on my sewing skills actually and maybe when Ive improve, I'll make some for you guys? hee maybe a skirt as a starter

SimplySeoul said...

with love: tengs! have a great days ahead.

safiah: tengs saf. glad u found it makes sense haha. u too have a great days ahead.

ainulaqma: haha tengs! best of everything with your business.

Mimieyy: ooh no problem dear. all the best with everything. u will be fine. trust me. lots of love.

unknown: hahaha..u go girl! yes! keep doing what u love, with god willingness everything will get better. then one day u could sew me one. hehe