Saturday, March 02, 2013

Teaching Practice: of the first week

so far...

i went to the school earlier that it supposed to. all three of us decided to meet the admin of school on the 21st of feb (thursday). we met the penolong kanan 1 and she gave us a short briefing. first thing first yang aku perasan, gila senyap sekolah ni. bunyi tapak kasut pun susah mau dengar. rehat macam bukan rehat. kalau zaman aku sekolah dulu, rehat dimulakan dengan acara lumba lari ke kantin dan akhirnya bergasak sambil mengorder. 

the first day of school (for us) started off with the weekly assembly. i got to see the whole staff and students. it is quite a small number for a one session school. since it is a religious school, i expected to see a big difference in their assembly routine. but not really, it's just like any other school. 

the whole first week were so chaotic. blame the 5S! teachers, students, contractors, makcik kantin, akak cleaner were so busy preparing the school for the audit of 5S. kami yang tidak bersalah, terikut busy juga. haha.. someone very dear to me advice me not to count the extra hours that you needed to spend. tapi tetap, mata asyik tengok jam, bila la mau balik. first day pulang 4.00pm. second day, 4.30 pm. third day, 5.00pm. fourth day, paling manang, 7.00pm. thank god, friday is as usual.

but i got to learn a lot during 5S. the fourth day is the highlight of the week when MAMPU panel finally came to our school to audit the 5S. jam 6.00 petang baru diorang habis check seluruh sekolah. penat-penat pun, i still could pay attention when they make their evaluation. it is such a good experience to listen to their strict judgement. plus the head of their team is a woman, so it's double the demands. they applauded the school for relating 5S to the islamic belief making the objective very significant to the religious school.

the bilik guru. a coursemate of mine said we're not supposed to upload the schools' activities in any online profile. well i degil. akan terupload juga tu. 

i got my mentor which happened to be the alumni of ums. Junior will be helping me throughout my teaching practice. so far, he gave me a form 4 class. i'm still waiting for my full schedule.

praise Allah for everything... 

enjoy the short weekend.


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

All the best dear =)

safiah sokher said...

I'm gonna be a teacher soon too.of 3 years old child.

I'm so scared.I dunno how to handle little children.

Budak form 4 ok kot.Sebab akak muda,Insyallah you can blend.

You'll survive!

Meitzeu said...

Hi there. :)

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SimplySeoul said...

Anisa: Thanks dear! Need that positive spirit.

safiah: i miss u. no worries. you could do it. it just cost you a little patience and a big effort. all the best pretty!

Meitzeu: Hi there.. will visit you soon!. thanks for dropping by tho.