Saturday, March 23, 2013

Teaching Practice: revision camp

the hype up on spm result is still on. at least to my school. i'm started to address this school as my school...the whole teaching practice thing is moving to a comfy zone i guess. my school received such a good news on the spm result. well, some teachers quite disappointed with the amount of A+, but talking about the never-exist perfection. 

we are still in the top 10 among Sabah school, 6 to be exact. and the best 3 years in a row among religious school in sabah. kudos to the students and to teachers who sweat out everything. anyway that's not what i would like to write about. today is saturday, it's weekend and it's the starter for a week holiday. however, i went to my school, early morning, instead of cuddling to my blanket and eating chocos in my dreamland. we had the revision camp for pmr and spm students. so the trainee lupakan cita-cita untuk bersenang-lenang.

students ni bila revision camp duduk dalam group. so boleh la discuss. tapi yg aku tengok, they keep frowning, doing things alone. y u so serious? loosen up la a little bit. 

balik sekolah tadi terus ala-ala pitam. penat! ntah la, mau cakap kami angkat batu-bata, kerja bertungkus-lumus di sekolah tu, tidak juga. kadang-kadang cuma relief setakat one period, 40 minutes. tapi penatnya bila balik sekolah tu, nauzubillah. rasa macam mau pengsan. agaknya menunggu jam 1.45 petang tu yang buat penat. tengkuk pun boleh tegeliat kalau asyik-asyik tengok jam. haha. jadi cikgu siapa cakap senang.

i belum competent lagi. so students jawab soalan, i pun jawab. 

 in this sophisticated world, you are going to have a hard life without proper education. a bullet won't conquered or civilized people. but education is. 

Happy holiday cikgus and students. See you a week from now.


Mi said...

woa your class is awesome for being the top 6 and 3 year in the row O.O but at your school the highest standard is A+ because my school the highest is A

Azlan Strider said...

Happy Holidays..hehehe :D