Friday, March 29, 2013

when school holiday is ending.

lately i feel like my tears were so cheap.

call me a woman, or hormonal or overly dramatic.

sometimes i can't differentiate stress or missing someone. it's a two different feelings, with a total opposite of definition, yet it's so confusing.

i enjoy my teaching practical, but i would enjoy it more if i'm not doing it.

call me ungrateful, or ...honest.

life is less amusing when you are surrounded by workload, instead of friends and family. and i can't help but wonder how single working woman work it out. 

call me being offending, then i give out my apologies.

i spend a few days with my family during the school holiday. talking with mak how life changed drastically after dad left. talking with my cousins how mirrors by justin timberlake is so beautiful. going out and coolly waste some ka-ching and regret it later. nothing special...just spending time together.

4 days were not enough. i want mak to visit me often. 

School holiday mau habiss.. Talking about one of the reasons why i'm mourning in my blog. Back to work. More school, less family. I can't help but to chant "July please come fast!". 

Praised to Allah in our beautiful days or bad times.


Isabel said...

Ugh...i feel you. July please come faster!!

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

it hurt to think the holiday have finished right.oh,i wish there are more holiday for us.huhu.

anyway,take care dear.may god blessing u=)

Azlan Strider said...

its a nature for a woman to cried..its not that ur tears are cheap.even men cries sometimes..hehe.. :D


SimplySeoul said...

Isabel: kak roger...miss u!. how's everything? take care sana. hugs.

Eyanz: yes!, suddenly being so emotional when i'm reaching the end of the holiday. u too take care! hugs.

Azlan: but in my seldom, usually im the miss gangsta... i guess the woma in me always win. haha. thaks strider!