Sunday, April 21, 2013

귀요미 송 (gwiyomi song)

i seldom blog on latest trends, news or any recent hype around us. my blog centered around me and it will always be me. haha. cough *narcissist* cough. sometimes i feel like keeping up with the newsfeed, squeeze myself in the latest talkabout, against the consensus of typical malaysian crowd. but i'm not capable enough to make the headlines such a harian metro, so i guess my blog will forever be personal. 

but once or twice, there is an exception. a good exception. it's the gwiyomi video!

i know, i know, i'm sooo 10 minutes ago with this latest viral videos. but still i want to share my dua sen. yesterday, as i overly enjoyed my weekend nights, i stumbled upon some gwiyomi vidoes. from one video to another, to another....akhirnya, i ended up watching like 30 videos of gwiyomi parody. thanks to the short duration that went well with my slow internet.

believe me, i know what gwiyomi player is. don't mess up with a dedicated kpop addict here. ilhoon btob is the first person that came up with this cute numbers counting. but i didn't know someone make a song out of it. and let's cut the essay short, i compiled my favourite gwiyomi videos. some of them are famous vlogger, so yeah that might helps their hit counter.

Donnalyn, vlogger from Philippines

gwiyomi with hijab on

I come to know that she's malaysian too? cute

Cute kid is cute!

This one top the list! (for now). She even said at the end of the video "you want to kill me?"... " this is not for you, not for you" haha

i ended up learning the song and following the so called cute movements. haha. this woman is losing her mind here. someone please stop her. off for now, bye.

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Aemy Nadira said... more interested in something people dont know yet rather than the things that have become viral :p
this gwiyomi thing, after its been trending for many weeks, baru la sy ambil tau :p hahaha....
i like nora danish' version ^^