Sunday, April 07, 2013

Picking up the food

before the weekend ended. i decided to meet my cousin and treat her to lunch. this coming wednesday is her birthday, so tidaklah rasa bersalah sangat in case balik kokum, penat, xdapat bawa dia jalan-jalan.

but that's not all. the day filled with me meeting some friends and picking up food. 

i met synthia lee, my childhood friend during primary school. i remember liking her uniform, because she always had this long pinafore similar to what the secondary students have. usually the typical pinafore of a kid is a knee length. but hers was long especially the skirt part. 

she's so tall.. looks so hobbit standing beside her. i asked her to bent a little.

i bought some chocolates from her. it's not some, it's 1 kilo. that's a lot of chocolates :) yeah.. this chocos definitely going to help me survive this week. we didn't spend much time talking and catching up with each other. but she did spare me a good news. she's getting married next month. i'm so so happy for her. unfortunately, i couldn't make it to the wedding. no school holiday so no going back to my hometown.

1 kilo... happy

then i went to see nadya at petagas to pick up my sambal tempe and bilis. another 1 kilo of food for me. lauk kering macam ni memang favourite. teringat rumah. so bila nad post di facebook, cepat-cepat order. nda larat la mau layan fast food. nasi kosong and lauk macam ni pun cukup. lagi buka selera. makan hari-hari pn nda bosan.

upload gmbar ni malam-malam buat aku lapar...

esok gi sekolah... bye. assalamualaikum.


safiah sokher said...

Sambal tempe sangat yummy!

SimplySeoul said...

Very... one of my favourite :)

Haruno Hana 하나 said...

sambal tempe best x) hehe