Monday, April 29, 2013

Teaching practice: of birthday celebrations


i come to know some students' birthday by coincidence.

so few days ago, i had a chance to celebrate two of my puteris birthday.

first, it was during the debate practice. i came to school around 8.00 pm, ready with a cake that i managed to kelam-kabut get it after the school session. it didn't looks tasty but a bit pleasing to the eye (mind that i'm picky in choosing food). so i asked my other puteris to prepare the cake, while i talk to hajar. as we were talking, suddenly there's a celebration in the school's park, everybody was like singing happy birthday song. awkward conversation became more awkward.

hajar: iih ada orang birthday, bestnya.

me: yalah.. best pula

hajar: miss, hari ni birthday saya.

me: iya? (pura-pura terkejut macam pelakon taraf hollywood). ala kenapa nda bagitau tadi. (still refuse to wish her happy birthday)

hajar: hehe.... (few seconds then she had this surprise face. here comes the cake.)

ni aku malas ambik gambar berdiri ni. Lain kali kita duduk ja k. Supaya nmpak "adil dan saksama" gambar itu. hewhewhew.

second, it was during my class. ehemm no worries, it was after teaching and learning were done and objectives were successfully achieved. haha. Chekgu Shafazilah was with me in the class at the time as she was assisting me in doing my research. So after pakat-pakat dengan chekgu sha, she asked hasfira to see her personally regarding homework issue (again bakat berlakon chekgu2 dapat dilihat). After they went back to the class, we sang the happy birthday song to her. 

my 14 years old puteris hugging each other after singing the song to the birthday girl.

i'm sorry if i couldn't celebrate all of my students' birthday. to my puteras and puteris who just celebrating your birthday, Happy Birthday. May Allah fills the long journey ahead of you with barakah. I love you people! Like really love!

that little moments in life that makes grins and affairs doesn't matters.

Dah bai.

p/s: Wednesday is a public holiday. So yeaa let's be happy. 

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Aemy Nadira said...

teacher lebih comel dr murid2nya. hehehe... ^^