Sunday, April 07, 2013

Teaching practice: Tired and movie didn't went well together

when one of the form 5 students greet u and said "miss, i read your blog!"

i ended up gelak awkward.

(bukan korang semua tinggal asrama? rajin dorng ni online walau cuti sekejap...hehe)

my weekend usually a boring one. i ended up sleeping. a lot! or finding and creating some materials for my lesson. 

so far, my teaching experience has been a great one (tiring and super stressing too). but all of that was paid off when you saw your students paying attention, responding, and having fun their lesson. i want to contribute something to my beloved students. my hard works are solely for them.

so yeah, back to the weekend. usually i try to fill up some extra times on saturday with my cousins. recently, i had the chance to catch two latest movies, g.i joe and the host. it is such an achievement for me whose seldom go to the cinema. 

i ended up sleeping in the middle of the movie. in BOTH MOVIES! believe me fellas, it's not the movie. it's me. i guess i'm tired. i slept around 20 minutes in g.i joe. yes! that long. when i woke up, i felt so dizzy that i barely remember anything. membazir 11 ringgit tu ja.

maybe no more movies after this except during the semester break. i need to organize my time wisely instead of trying very hard to have fun at the weekends in hoping to find balance in life after a hectic week. it's not going to work like that. if a boring weekend is what it takes then yes..why not. or maybe a short dinner date with friends will do. 

penat is penat. stress is stress. negative is negative. all of that are difference. refer to your intention which rises in heart. my mentor said to me "i know there are going to be some restrictions in this school... but do what you think is right to improve your students, care less about others perceptions". I don't expect semua orang akan faham apa yang kita buat or rasa. it's okay, Allah sentiasa menemani.

  "Many small actions are made great by the intentions behind them. Many great actions, on the other hand, are made small because the intentions behind them are lacking."

p/s: xpaham kadang-kadang dengan persepsi orang, ntah dari sudut mana dia mengadili.


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

Yaa Allah sentiasa menemani =)

and when my prof read my blog


Aemy Nadira said...

hehe..if i were a teacher, i probably won't let my students know about my blog. it'd be weird...hahaha..but im sure u're cool with it. good luck, teacher!! ^^

Gee said...

Hehe.. the form 5 student pun start to blog already at their young age?? cool tho.. they must think of you as a cool teacher.. hehe

safiah sokher said...

Usually English teacher are the cool one ^-^

SimplySeoul said...

Anisa: why nisa, did something happened? hehe.. somehow we cannot hide this online profile. people will eventually find it.

Aemy: hehe. at first im thinking to hide it. but come to think of it, i started blogging when i was substitute teacher, so yeah.. i need to install extra extra extra filter here.

Gee: Gee i found some blogs belong to primary school students. so i think it's not a surprise these students have a lot of accounts in the internet hehe. hopefully i am the cool one hehe.

safiah: hopefully im the cool type too haha.

ƨαʏα ʓʏʓιɛ αʓιɛмαн said...

mcm sy tau ni siapa. hehe:)

SimplySeoul said...

ƨαʏα ʓʏʓιɛ αʓιɛмαн : hehe, i guess you know kan. hehe.